Samsung does have a kink for designing multiple models that have only slights differences amongst them, and launching them under different names. This keeps the buzz alive, but can get confusing and kind of pointless for some Android users who prefer more stability.

In whichever camp you may be, this time rejoice - as a authentically-different model seems to be on it's way. The Galaxy Tab seen in this leaked picture is, or could be to be more precise, the fist picture of a new Samsung big-kid tablet of a generous 11.6 inches.

Some rumours starting to swirl around the web some time back, originating from BGR. The photo of this Samsung Android Tablet you see here, however, is fresh'n'new, from the Android and Me site, and comes from a post on the Samsung homepage that details on the not-so-interesting Esxynos 5250 processor.

Very similar with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, this could indeed by a basis for a new larger-display tablet. Many people opt for an Android tablet for the zillions of apps, excellent browsing capabilities, media and games. Other use it mostly as a reader or for e-mail, in which case a bigger tablet may not be tractive. Still, most Android fans out there which enjoy Samsung products fall into the first category, and are quite sure to be interested in a Galaxy Tab garnished with a neat 11.6" touchscreen.

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