Did your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus just died and you cannot manage to turn it back on? If your smartphone crashed and got turned off, don’t panic as the problem is necessary related with a damaged hardware component.

Usually, this is a minor software malfunction that can be quickly fixed with the right solutions. So, don’t hurry up back to the store with your Galaxy S10 Plus, as you might be able to solve the ‘won’t turn on’ issue by yourself.

However, before heading towards the troubleshooting solutions that are explained and detailed below, verify your S10 Plus for any moisture, or water damage. You can do so by using one of the methods explained during our ‘how to fix moisture detected warning’ tutorial.

Good; so if isn’t a moisture related issue, then let’s see what you can do in order to bring your device back to life.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus died and won’t turn on problem

Initiate a force-restart

The back screen of death situation can be quickly addressed with a force-restart. We know, it sounds childish, but I most situations this is the response to your ‘won’t turn on’ issue. A force-reboot will close and reopen the apps that are running in the background and thus you will obtain a clean restart of the Android software.

So, start pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons together for at least 10 seconds. If in the end the Android mode is booting, you are safe as the problem was fixed. Hint: try repeating the force-restart a couple of times if it isn’t working from your first attempt. If you’re not going anywhere with this method, try to complete the force-reboot by following these steps:

  1. Press the Volume Down button on your Galaxy S10 Plus.
  2. While still pressing that key, start holding down the Power button too.
  3. Press these keys for more than 10 seconds and see what happens – hopefully, in the end your phone turns on.

Plug in the charger

You should try to charge your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus before trying to force-restart its Android OS. Plug in the charger even if there’s nothing happening on your phone when you do that – leave it that way for a few minutes and afterwards use the steps explained above and try to apply the force-reboot.

This solution might work if the ‘won’t turn on’ problem occurred because of a battery drain situation. Thus, if your S10 Plus died and won’t turn on because some apps got crushed because your phone remained without power, now you will be able to easily fix the issue.

If this method isn’t working, maybe you should take back to smartphone to store or to service. The warranty will cover the operation and most likely a specific software troubleshooting solution will repair this malfunction.

You can tell us how you managed to address the ‘won’t turn on’ problem by using the comments field from below. Stay close for further tutorials and Android related tips and tricks available for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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