Even though the current official flagship offered by Sony is the Xperia Z, there is absolutely no shame in choosing the Xperia ZL instead, because apart from not being water and dust resistant, it's basically the same handset, plus, it features a more compact design. Also, some of the countries won't receive both phones, with regions getting only the Xperia Z, while others the ZL. In other words, if the Sony Xperia ZL is already available in your country you better consider getting it because the Xperia Z might never hit your market.

Moving on, there is good news for the Canadian folks. After we told you that Rogers is taking pre-orders for the Sony Xperia ZL, we finally have a release date for the device, thanks to a leaked internal carrier's doc spotted by Mobile Syrup. Anyway, the Sony Xperia ZL release date on Bell is April 2. The leak doesn't include a price tag, though.

We know that the handset will be offered by the official Sony store for $674.99 (it's the SIM-free version but locked under Rogers), but we also heard rumors suggesting that Bell is going to sell it for less than $600. Nevertheless, we don't know for sure how much is Bell going to charge its customers for the Sony Xperia Z as the carrier has only created a pre-registration page.

There are other Canadian mobile operators that are expected to stock the Xperia ZL such as MTS, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Videotron. Unfortunately for their subscribers, we haven't heard anything about SaskTel and Telus. We don't know when these carriers will make the smartphone available, but we guess that they will start selling it shortly after Bell.

As I said at the beginning of the article, there is a good chance that the Sony Xperia ZL may never be available in Canada, so don't get your hopes up. However, do you really need that waterproof case so badly? It's not like you're gonna take a bath with your smartphone.

In other related news, the Canadian market is going to receive the Sony Xperia tablet Z, as well.


the heck · 6 years ago

Are you kidding me? There was a reason why we were getting excited and it was for the Z not ZL. Stop saying that its ok when it isn't because Canada got the short end of the stick after Sony was pushing the Z so hard. Bet all the carriers in canada thought people didnt want the Z which means that they are a bunch of morons.

Anonymous · 6 years ago

You absolutely need to grammar check your work.

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