Spotify has just announced that their data-friendly Lite app has just been made available in no more than 36 countries worldwide. The new app should use less resources and be smoother for users with older Android devices.

Spotify Lite has received tons of updates and it seems like now it packs enough features and functions that can also found in the Full version of the app. Also, the app size has been reduced to under 20MB and now it can be easily installed on smartphones that are not that good in terms of hardware specs.

The new Spotify Lite is now available in 36 countries around Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. The app should use only a limited amount of resources on older devices, and it should also work on slower connections, too. Another cool thing about this Lite Spotify version is that it supports devices running Android up until 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

If you're owning a Premium Spotify account, then the Lite app now supports searching and playing any song you want, while the Free users will only be allowed to access their saved playlists. Also, the public playlists are available for both Premium and Free users of Spotify Lite.

The Spotify Lite app doesn't support Spotify Connect which means that you cannot use it to play music on devices that are connected with your smartphone. The Lite app version already sports more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store. Get to the app's install page and see if it is available in your region. If the Google Play Store Spotify Lite page says that the app isn't compatible with your smartphone, then there is nothing you can, and you have to wait until they roll out it in your region, too.

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