Sprint is officially rolling out the G950USQU5DSD3 firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S8.This is the April 2019 Security Patch that’s based on the Android Pie system. So, have you received your notification yet?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. The OTA (‘over the air’ update) carried by Sprint is released gradually and in phases, meaning that not all the Galaxy S8 users will received it in the same time. When you do spot it (a notification will be automatically displayed) just follow on-screen prompts and resume the flashing process.

As always, the security patches aren’t coming with important changes within the Android core system. In our case the April 2019 G950USQU5DSD3 Security Patch is here to smooth up the Android UI that runs by default on your Samsung Galaxy S8. The update is fully stable, carries Sprint’s bloatware and tries to address the bugs and the issues that were previously reported.

Of course, the firmware will secure your online and offline activity and will fix Samsung’s vulnerabilities. Bottom line, we do recommend you to install this software as soon as possible for being able to experience the best Android functionality that’s available for your smartphone.

You can receive the April 2019 Security patch only if you own an eligible Sprint Galaxy S8. Shortly, your phone can embrace the OTA only if it already runs on stock Android OS. Moreover, root access shouldn’t be ensured as such tweaks are modifying the Android system, situation during which OTAs cannot be received. In that cases you need to choose an alternative update solution: use Odin and set up the firmware manually.

In that regard, do note that the G950USQU5DSD3 full software package can be downloaded from online sources. Just download the update, unzip it and then flash it on your Galaxy S8 by using the Odin tool.

You can also check for the OTA right on your Sprint Galaxy S8 as you might be able to force down the Android notification – on your phone head towards Settings, then navigate to Software Update and hit the Download and Install button.

There you have it; the latest update available for your Samsung Galaxy S8 comes from Sprint and wears the April 2019 Security patch cloth. Set up the G950USQU5DSD3 software, test the new Pie functionality and then share your impressions with us and with the other users who are still waiting for their notification – you can talk with us easily by using the comments field available below.

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