The only way you could get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S2's white edition was by purchasing it from T-Mobile's official website which has been going for some time now leading to numerous complaints from users that wished for a better way to buy their new favorite smartphone. However, yesterday, some rumors said that beginning from March 9th, which is today,  the retail stores of T-Mobile will start to sell the white SGS2 model and, if you're near one of those stores then you could go and buy it directly from the shelves without needing to place an order and wait weeks before they finally ship it to your home.

The model T-Mobils sells has been codenamed 'Hercules' and it will be available from $230 with a 2 year based contract, also you can choose to upgrade or get yourself a brand new line.

This Samsung Hercules has been given a totally different model number which is SGH-T989, while the basic SGS2 models have been coded I9100. It features a 4.52 inch screen, 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU which is better than the 1.2 GHz Exynos CPU that was packed in previous models. Samsung Galaxy S 2 white or 'Hercules' has support for NFC.

The Snapdragon CPU has been preferred because the Exynos isn't supported by the T-Mobile 42Mbit/s HSPA+ network and this new model will have support for Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile network, which previously didn't work and the only method you could use was via 3rd party apps like Skype. There are some other differences between the T-Mobile device and the other models that are sold as GT I9100 and it has been named 'Hercules' because it packs multiple improved hardware and software parts that should attract more buyers.

Now that the device is available in retail stores you can easily go to your nearby T-Mobile store and ask for the new white Samsung Galaxy S II and get yourself a deal at about $230 on a two year agreement which might seem like a long time to keep a single smartphone model but still you can choose to upgrade and the cost should be reduced. In case you do purchase the SGS2 from T-Mobile then you should let us know  using the comments section about your experience with the new white model of Samsung Hercules.

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