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How to Take Screenshots on Sony Xperia XZ2

Are you trying to take a screenshot on your new Sony Xperia XZ 2 but you cannot manage to find the right solution? Well, this operation is most likely the easiest one that can be initiated and completed on the Android system, so don’t despair. During the following lines we will review and check all the methods that can be applied for taking screenshots on the Xperia XZ2 so we will discuss about both default and particular screenshot solutions.

As you might know, the screenshot functionality is integrated within the Android system which means that there is an universal way in which you can complete this process – this method will work on all the Android based devices, so it should run without problems on your Xperia XZ 2 too. However, if you are switching from a different brand, you will notice that the specific screenshot methods aren’t the same on Sony as on other similar OEMs. That happens because each manufacturer chooses its own set of special features along with its own Android functionality. And that’s why taking screenshots can be completed different on Sony than on Samsung or on any other similar OEM.

Anyway, as it should be already obvious, screen capturing your Xperia XZ2 can be done without problems and without having to use third party apps or other risky / complex programs. This functionality is integrated by default within the Android core system, so you have nothing to worry about from this perspective – the steps from below can be used in the same way even if your smartphone was rooted, installed with a custom recovery image, updated with a custom ROM firmware, or if its bootloader was unlocked.

Moreover, taking a screenshot can be done within seconds, regardless of what’s running on your phone. So, you can complete this operation even while doing other stuffs on your handset. And that’s great as, from this perspective, the screenshot functionality can be used in different situations: for example, you can take a screenshot while playing a game for sharing your new high score with your friend through social media, or you can do the same thing when experiencing software related problems on your device (in that case you can use your screen capture in order to ask for help – you can post the image on dedicated forums and so on).

There are different situations when you might want, or have to take a screenshot. It can be for your own amusement, it can help you resolve daily task at work or it can help you fix other problems. That’s not really important for now, as what matters the most is to learn all the methods that can be used on your Sony Xperia XZ2 in order quickly and safely screen capture what you want. So, let’s see how to initiate this dedicated process:

How to Take Screenshots on Sony Xperia XZ2

The default Android solution

  1. On your phone access the screen from where you want to initiate the screenshot.
  2. When ready, press and hold (at the same time) the Power and Volume down buttons.
  3. The shutter sound will be heard and the screen will flicker.
  4. The screenshot image will be automatically saved within your Gallery app.
  5. That’s all.

Second solution

  1. Go towards the screen from where you want to complete this operation.
  2. Long press the Power key on your Xperia XZ 2.
  3. When a prompt window will appear on your screen tap on the button that shows a ‘+’ icon.
  4. The screenshot will be now automatically captured on your phone.
  5. Once more, the image will be saved on your Gallery app.

An alternative

You can easily screen capture your Sony Xperia XZ 2 by using a dedicated app from Google Play. There are different solutions from where to choose, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect third party app (do note that some tools might require root access in order to run on your phone). Such example might be the Quick Memo app – all you have to do is to install this tool on your phone; then when a screenshot is required just slide down the notification panel and tap once on the Quick Memo icon.

Final thoughts

So, those are the easiest ways in which a screenshot can be captured on the new Sony Xperia XZ 2. You can share your favorite solution with us and with the other users by using the comments field from below. Don’t forget that by searching through our ‘how to’ section you can find other similar but extremely useful tutorials and Android related tips and tricks available for your brand new Sony devices. Enjoy and stay close.