The new Samsung Galaxy J4 stock Android 8.0 Oreo firmware is officially available and can be manually downloaded. Thus, even though the smartphone is not yet released we can all take a closer look over its built-in Android system in order to check and test the features, apps, capabilities and the overall Oreo functionality. By doing so we can learn more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J4 and whether it will worth our further attention or our future investment.

Anyhow, one main idea still remains even before testing this new software: the Galaxy J4 is going to be a mid range smartphone that should be offered on an accessible price tag considering that its specs will include, among others, a relatively large 5.5 inch display, only 2 GB of RAM and the quad-core Exynos 7570 processor. The phone will be also featuring support for Buetooth 4.2 and will be coming with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. Bottom line, it will be a good alternative for those looking in having the basic Android features along with a smooth daily Oreo experience.

Now, everything can be further detailed as the Galaxy J4 stock J400FXXU1ARDM Android 8.0 Oreo firmware is available online. As already outlined, this software can be used for learning more about how the smartphone will be able to act during certain situations and while running certain processes. Moreover, the same ROM can be used by third party developers who can now port certain features in order to develop new custom ROMs and capabilities that can be afterwards used on other Android based devices.

Anyhow, it’s always good to have a built-in OS ahead of the official hardware release and Samsung is providing this opportunity for its upcoming Galaxy J4. Now, below you can download the J400FXXU1ARDM software package for using it as you know better. However, we decided to also show you how to use Odin for flashing this OS on your Samsung branded device – of course, the unmodified firmware package that’s offered below should be applied only on the Samsung Galaxy J4 as otherwise you can soft brick your phone’s internal system.

Odin is the official flashing program developed by Samsung and offered in term of update operations. Thus, from this perspective you have nothing to worry about – you won’t be using a third party flashing program or a risky tool for being able to complete the actual installation process. Also, by using Odin you won’t risk to trip Samsung KNOX and you won’t lose access to built-in apps – the warranty can be void only if you install a custom ROM software such as Lineage OS, AOKP or Paranoid Android.

A backup is only optional as your data should remain safe and secured while Odin is used. However, in rare situations you might end up in losing personal files which means that you should be precautious – just choose to secure everything that wasn’t there from day one: contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, texts, EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on. On your Samsung branded device you can already use cloud storage apps (pre-loaded by your OEM and by your carrier), you can sync files with your Google Account or you can download and use dedicated backup and restore tools that are already available on Google Play.

Before flashing the stock Android 8.0 Oreo J400FXXU1ARDM firmware on your Samsung Galaxy J4 you need to make sure that a Windows powered computer is at your disposal – there you will have to set up the flashing program. On this computer use Samsung KIES and install the right drivers for your smartphone. Then, on your handset enable Developer Options – tap repeatedly on Built Number just until you are returned with the ‘you are a developer’ message. Moreover, on your phone check the USB Debugging feature that will be located under ‘menu - > settings - > developer options’.

Charge your device before using Odin for flashing the stock Android firmware. Do that as if your phone gets turned off in the middle of the update operation different software related problems might be caused within the Android core system. So, avoid such unpleasant situations by verifying the power that’s left on your handset – if that power is lower than 50% you have to plug in the charger first.

How to Use Odin for installing the Galaxy J4 Stock Android 8.0 Oreo J400FXXU1ARDM Firmware

  1. You can download the first Samsung Galaxy J4 stock Oreo firmware from this page.
  2. Save the J400FXXU1ARDM package on desktop.
  3. Afterwards set up Odin on your PC: download the flashing program from here, run its executable file and follow on-screen prompts for installing it on your computer.
  4. Run Odin on your PC.
  5. Meanwhile, switch off your Samsung branded device and enter download mode: press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together, for a few seconds.
  6. Connect your device with your computer via USB cable – Odin should display the ‘added’ message and its ID:COM field should be turned yellow or blue; if that’s not happening, reinstall your phone’s drivers on your computer before retrying the last step of this guide.
  7. On Odin now click on the AP option and just select the stock Android firmware package from desktop; on your way, don’t check the Re Partition and the Auto Reboot sections.
  8. Click on Start and wait while the update operation is being automatically completed.
  9. In the end the flashing program will return the ‘pass’ message; the ID:COM field will be now turned green so you can close Odin now, unplug the USB cord and reboot your smartphone.

Problems that can be experienced and how to fix them

Odin can get stuck while you try to follow the steps explained above. Well, you can fix that problem by: close the flashing program (end its related processes from Task Manager), then unplug the USB cable and force restart your device, afterwards reinstall your phone’s drivers on your computer and in the end repeat the steps that were explained above.

Your handset can get stuck in a boot loop once the update process is completed. That issue can be addressed by applying: reboot recovery mode on your Samsung branded device (press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time) and from there choose to clear app data cache and initiate a hard reset by selecting ‘wipe data factory reset’ followed by ‘wipe cache partition’; when done, choose to reboot your phone.

So, there you have it; the first official Samsung Galaxy J4 Android 8.0 Oreo firmware can be downloaded from online. You can therefore learn more about this new mid range Samsung branded handset and you can also learn how to use Odin for manually installing the J400FXXU1ARDM software. Enjoy and stay close for more news on this subject.

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