If your Samsung Galaxy S10 device is frozen and it got stuck at a random screen, then you can check the info below and learn how to unfreeze and fix it.

You can unfreeze and get your phone working once again using a combination of buttons to force it to reboot. A few years ago you could've removed the battery from your Galaxy S unit when it got stuck, but since then Samsung has moved past removable batteries and now you are forced to press a couple of buttons when needing to get a Galaxy S10 unfrozen.

Check the guidelines below and learn how to unfreeze your Galaxy S10:

  • you have to press and hold Power + Volume Down for more than ten seconds.
  • the device should reboot automatically then and you can release the buttons.
  • wait for the device to boot in normal mode and you are done.

If the "Power + Volume Down" combo doesn't do anything for you, then you should try and press Power + Volume Up + Volume Down at the same time. This action will boot your phone in Download Mode and then you have to simply press and hold Volume Down + Power to reboot the device in normal mode.

If the Galaxy S10 freezes and issues continue after rebooting the device, then you might want to look at updating its firmware to a newer build. Check for new firmware files by going to Settings> Software Update and look for new Android firmware files by using the "download and install" option.

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 cannot find any updates, then you should try to update the device manually with Odin app. Check the instructions in our other post here in order to learn how to install the update by yourself. Please note that you should download the firmware build that is destined to be used with the correct model number of your Galaxy S10 device.

In case you need any extra help you need to tell us in comments below. Make sure to list as many details as you can, so that we will be able to easily offer you a working solution.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 device continues to have crashes, freezes or any other types of issues, then you will need to send your device to a Samsung repair center and let them have a look at your unit's problems.

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