The Verizon model of the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a relatively complicated system, as the company had tried its best for adding some really annoying factory restrictions. The same can be applied if we refer to the 4G LTE support and capability, which can’t be deactivate by using the classic options from the phone Settings. Therefore, during the next few lines I will show you how to easily turn off the Verizon SGS3 4G option. Even it may sound like a complicated task to perform, as you will see, you have nothing to worry about, because for turning off 4G you will just have to use a free distributed app.

But why should you turn off 4G LTE on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, even though the 4G support provides impressive Internet speeds and connections, the same is consuming the phone battery extremely quickly. So, if you are not at home, or if you don’t have the charger near you, and you want to save some power until you can charge the S3, then you should start by deactivating the 4G support. Usually, this can be done by heading to “Settings -> Wireless and network -> More” or by taping the classic *#*#4636#*#* for getting into the handset info menu, but on the Verizon Galaxy S3 these options aren’t working.

It seems that Verizon had managed to make the 4G option unchangeable, or at least you will encounter many obstacles while trying to turn it off. Anyway, the solution to your problem is an intuitive one, as a suitable tool available for free on Google Play store can easily deactivate the LTE connection from your SGS3. The app is named Phone Info and works every time. You can download the same from here.

After downloading and installing the Phone Info tool, you should run it. Then go to “Device information” and from there navigate to the pull down menu that says “LTE/CDMA/EvDo”. Next, just select “CDMA auto (PRL)” and the 4G connectivity will be turned off. Now, your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a 3G phone and you will be able to save important battery power. Furthermore, by using the same app, you can easily re-activate the 4G LTE support, so you have nothing to worry about.

Heather? · 6 years ago

The App's no longer available :( and my mobile network in settings only shows: Global, LTE/CDMS, GSM/UMTS :( none of them options are what I need. I've tried other apps in GPlay and none work for my S3 Boo!

found it · 6 years ago

click on the blue "here" above the nail polish ad. It takes you to the phone info ap. I'd been looking for it for days and typed in the right name but it never came up. This ap is the right one. I downloaded it and it's working!!!

Merle Reine · 6 years ago

play store took it down. You can get it from androidcentral here: must have an android central account.

Mark · 6 years ago


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