A bricked or damaged Android device can be easily repaired or fixed if you know what to perform. In each situation you should apply dedicated solutions, which means that you can’t use only one method for fixing a general problem. Because of that, I have developed this step by step guide where I have explained the best ways and methods that can be used for fixing a bricked Motorola Moto X. Do note that this tutorial is compatible only with the mentioned device, so don’t use the guidelines from below if you want to unbrick a similar smartphone with Moto X.

Since on the Android system you can perform so many operations, there are many ways possible in which you can end up in bricking or damaging your Motorola Moto X. But, the common ones are the unofficial procedures that are usually applied by all the Android users. Of course I am talking about gaining root access, installing a custom recovery image or updating with a custom ROM firmware. Furthermore, you might also experience problems when performing tasks like flashing a custom kernel, overclocking the frequency, unlocking the bootloader and so on.

The operations mentioned above are coming with great advantages, but unfortunately not all the tutorials available are compatible or actually tested on the Moto X and because of that by using such a tutorial you can end up in bricking your Android smartphone. Anyway, if you have damaged your device and looking for unbricking your Moto X with ease, then this guide will be more than helpful for you. The procedures explained below are all official, so you will not apply custom or risky methods. But you should know by now that if you can’t access the recovery mode or the fastboot mode on your Moto X, unbricking your phone will be basically hard to achieve, unless you take your phone to service.

A bricked or damaged Moto X is a phone that cannot be used properly. Usually, the device is running with lags or extremely slow or the battery drain fast. Also, your handset might get stuck in a boot loop, the recovery mode might be entered automatically each time you try to do something on your handset or the screen might freeze and you can’t even turn off or force restart your smartphone.

Before heading to the proper procedure from below, you should first take care of the essential pre requisites. I know that when talking about a bricked device we understand that the phone can’t be actually used in any matter, but if possible make a backup because by completing the guidelines from this tutorial, all of your data will be wiped out. The best will be to use compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play for saving the contacts list, the call logs, text messages, market apps, internet settings and basically all of your personal data, info and accounts.

Then, you will have to use a Windows based computer, your Motorola Moto X and your phone’s USB cable. On the computer you first have to install the Moto X drivers and then you will need to deactivate – don’t worry, only temporarily – the antivirus and any other security protection. Another thing to do is to charge your handset before doing anything else. Plug in the USB cord especially if your Moto X has less than 50% power left; else skip this operation.

Good; now just remember that this guide is compatible only with the Motorola Moto X. Also, don’t perform things without consulting the steps from below and try not to mess things up.

How to Unbrick Motorola Moto X

How to Hard Reset your Android device

Usually, most of the problems can be fixed by making a hard reset, or if you prefer a factory reset. This operation will basically return your phone to its initial state by wiping the internal system, which means you will lose all of your data. Anyway, the process can be easily performed by using the stock recovery of your Moto X. Now, you can learn how to hard reset your Moto X by using our dedicated tutorial – just click on the mentioned link. If the hard reset isn’t unbricking your smartphone, try to complete the rest of the steps from this guide.

How to resolve the “boot loop” issues

In case you have recently updated your Moto X with an official or with a custom ROM Android firmware, you might experience some boot loop issues. In that case I recommend you to perform the steps from below.

  • Enter your phone in recovery mode.
  • From there clear cache by choosing “wipe cache partition”.
  • Go back and select “wipe dalvick cache”.
  • In addition you can also make a hard reset.
  • In the end return to main menu of recovery and select “reboot system now”.

In case this isn’t working either, you should proceed to the next section of this tutorial.

How to manually restore Moto X to stock Android OS

  1. From here download the stock Android OS for your Motorola Moto X.
  2. Unzip this file on your computer, preferable on desktop.
  3. Go to the unzipped folder and from there open with notepad the .xml file (just right-click on the .xml file and choose “open with…” followed by “notepad”.).
  4. Then find the files that contains the word getvar (step operation = “getvar”) in it and delete the same lines. Save the file and exit.
  5. On your computer download the RSD Lite program from here.
  6. Install the tool by following the on screen prompts.
  7. In the end run the program on your computer and load the update file by clicking on the symbol that is next to “filename”.
  8. Good; now enter your Moto X fastboot mode and then connect your smartphone with your computer.
  9. Plug in the USB cable in order to establish the mentioned connection.
  10. If everything works as explained from RSD Lite click on “start”.
  11. Wait while the flashing process is running and in the end unplug the USB cord and reboot your device, as you are done.

Congratulations, you have managed to unbrick your Motorola Moto X. Was this tutorial helpful for you? Feel free and share your thoughts and experience with us by using the comments field from below. Also do tell us if you still have problems with your Moto X and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Dawn Victoria Szuflita · 3 years ago

how do i find the stock OS zip file?

Saad Sheikh · 3 years ago

Bless u .. u saved my life through this guide .. thank u soo much bro ur a life saver .. i will never forget this

Anas Solanki · 3 years ago

i want moto x 1 xt1052 indian firmware stock rom please someone give me

Robert. · 4 years ago

I have a Motorola X Style which has a problem. When I turn it on I get the welcome screen with a request to choose a language, which I can do. It also has a yellow button with an arrow on it. When I press this I'm taken to a screen which asks me to turn on WiFi, there is the word skip and an arrow in the bottom right corner but this is 'greyed' out and can't be. I am stuck on this page, It doesn't react to a touch or a swipe except for being able to return to the welcome screen by touching a back arrow on the bottom left. Anyone know what the cause is and possible repair? Thanks in advance.

RAj · 4 years ago

my moto x xt1058 goes in to black screen not being start ..............ufffffffff

sarthak · 4 years ago

help me my device is not detected in it :(

Alx Lopez · 5 years ago

My Moto X has a black screen, It fails to switch to Fastboot mode! Is there anything I can do?

Diego · 5 years ago

I Have this problem

M C · 4 years ago

try holding vol down key while rebooting, then choose vol down key to select option and vol up for select(enter) mine kept booting to recovery..

Gabriel Vendramini · 6 years ago

Save my day!

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