Dealing with software related issues on your Samsung Galaxy A3 might get quite annoying especially if there are lags and bugs implied. Now, regardless the problems that might be issued on your A3, you need to know that you can manually fix your bricked Android device, without taking your phone back to service. Thus, if you want to learn more about this troubleshoot operation and if you want to see how to manually unbrick your Galaxy A3, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from below.

First of all, before applying the steps from below, you need to know that there two different brick situations; thus, we have the hardware and software bricked devices. The hardware related problems are the most complicated ones as you can’t normally deal with them. So, if you manage to hardware damage your Galaxy A3, you have to take your smartphone back to service for asking for technical assistance (do note that if you have void your phone’s warranty, now you will have to pay for the technical assistance – unfortunately it can get quite expensive).

On the other hand, you can deal with software related issues. Now, usually, these problems are being caused by custom operations. For example, you can software brick your Galaxy A3 while you try to tweak your Android device – by completing procedures such as gaining root access, installing custom recovery images, flashing custom ROMs, installing custom kernels, overclocking the CPU, removing bloatware and so on. The problems that are usually related to these operations are: bugs, lags, force close errors, battery drain, heating situations, boot loops, screen freeze and even total blackouts.

Well, if you are dealing with such problems, then you are in the right place. The guidelines from below will easily guide you through the troubleshoot operation, thus now you can learn how to easily fix your bricked Samsung Galaxy A3. This tutorial might be extremely useful especially if we consider that while completing unofficial procedures, the warranty of your smartphone will get void – thus, you can now unbrick your Android device by yourselves without paying for someone else’s services.

Basically, by completing this step by step guide you will learn how to restore your Samsung Galaxy A3 back to stock Android OS and back to its initial state. Therefore, in the end, all the problems will be removed and your phone reinstalled with default Android firmware. Thus, if currently you have a rooted device, after completing this tutorial, the root access will be revoked. Moreover, if a custom ROM is now running on your phone, you will remove the custom firmware by replacing it with default Android system.

Since you will remove almost everything from your device, before heading towards the guidelines from below I recommend you (only if possible) to temporarily save your data by completing a proper backup operation. By doing so you can be sure that your personal data, info and accounts are in safe hands – else your contacts list, call logs, market apps, EFS folder, internet settings, text messages, audio files, images, videos and so on will get wiped out. In that matter, don’t hesitate and use cloud storage platforms and other compatible tools from Google Play and take care of the backup process.

Applying this guide is safe and secured; you will not use complex and risky programs as you will keep it all official – the warranty of your Galaxy A3 will not get void while you will try to unbrick your Android device.

How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy A3

Troubleshoot common Android problems

The most common Android related issues can be resolved easily, through a hard reset operation. In most situations, by wiping the internal system of your Galaxy A3 you can also get rid of malicious programs and of inappropriate software. In order to be more precise, users reported that the hard reset operation resolves issues such as boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain and heating problems. Here is what you need to follow in order to properly complete this troubleshoot method:

  • Turn off your phone – apply a complete shut down sequence (don’t just reboot your Galaxy A3).
  • Now, enter recovery mode on your Galaxy A3 (basically you just have to press and hold power, volume up and home buttons at the same time).
  • Then, in recovery use Volume up and down buttons in order to scroll up and down and Power key to select.
  • Hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A3 – choose “wiped data factory reset”.
  • Option, but recommended: after completing the hard reset process also clear cache by choosing “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  • When done, return to main menu of recovery.
  • From there select “reboot system now”.

Use Odin and downgrade your Galaxy A3 back to stock Android OS

If making a hard reset isn’t resolving the software issues from your Galaxy A3, then you should consider in reinstalling stock Android OS on your phone. This operation can be easily applied by using Odin, an official program developed and offered by Samsung. Of course, this will be a manual update operation, so a computer, your phone and its USB cable will be required. Now, on the computer you are using you should temporarily deactivate security tools, because antivirus and other similar programs might interfere with Odin.

Moreover, on your phone you need to gain developer rights – go to “menu – settings – about phone” and tap several times on built number. Next, enable USB debugging option by going towards “menu – settings – developer options”. When done, check the battery status; if the power left is currently lower than 50%, plug in the charger before doing anything else – if your phone gets turned off in the middle of the unbrick process, you might mess thing up even more.

Anyway, let’s see how to use Odin for downgrading Samsung Galaxy A3 back to stock Android OS – do note that root access will be now revoked.

  1. On your computer download the required files: Odin, Samsung KIES and the stock Android firmware (you can get the Android OS from any source you want – for example SamMobile).
  2. Unzip Odin and the update package on desktop; then, install Odin by following on screen prompts.
  3. Use Samsung KIES for installing the Galaxy A3 USB drivers on your computer; skip this step if the drivers are already flashed.
  4. Run Odin on your computer.
  5. Reboot your Galaxy A3 in download mode.
  6. Connect your smartphone with your computer via USB cable.
  7. On Odin, now the “added” message should be displayed while the ID:COM section should be either yellow or blue.
  8. From the program click on “PA” and select the firmware file from desktop.
  9. Click on “start” and wait while the installation process is being completed.
  10. In the end the “pass” message will be displayed on Odin while the ID:COM section will now be green.
  11. Unplug the USB cable and reboot your Galaxy A3; everything should be working without problems.

There you have it; that’s how you can unbrick your soft bricked Samsung Galaxy A3. Do tell us how things worked for you and if you finally managed to fix your Android device. If the problems are still there, detail things for us as our team will try to assist you as soon as possible – use the comments field from below in that matter.

lykan · 3 years ago

i dont know from where should I download stock rom and from sammobile it takes ages to download

Bok · 3 years ago

I'm just wondering if my screen trouble is related on this "unbrick tutorial".

Problems I'm encountering right after I rooted my Samsung A3 is as follows.

*running applications gets heated so fast
*touch screen are unavailable from time to time. I need to restart my phone using volume down key and power button. But the worst part is, i need to restart my phone for several times before the screen responds again.
*the screen of my phone become unresponsive by having a parallel line then the colours fades gradually usually pink and green then black. Then when the screen shut down..and i press again the home button it backs to normal but still unresponsive and starts to fades again. (Happened for several times also before the screen became responsive)
*when the screen becomes responsive, it will last until am using my phone but when i leave my phone and try to use it again, it became unresponsive again.

samuel kanthiruben · 4 years ago

Hi my galaxy A3 is giving some crashing sound while playing youtube videos
.I'm not sure about the reason..
Can you please help to resolve the issue

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