If you own an old device that you've been locked out of for some time, then there are some tools capable of helping you get rid of the lockscreen. These types of tools are also known as Android FRP Bypass utilities, and some of these are perfectly functional.

Most Android devices launched since 2014 are featuring a built-in Factory Reset Protection, a feature that was added as an extra protection layer for users that don't want their data to be available for others. However, there are tons of Android phone owners that have changed their devices and forgot to get their data from the old device. Most of these users have forgotten the security pattern, pin or password code, and now are unable to access the data stored on their old Android device.

In order to be able to access such data you will require to either factory reset the device completely, or a different tool capable of bypassing the Android FRP of their phone. You can take a look at Easy FRP Bypass and learn about several tools that are capable of unlocking old Android devices without removing any data files from their internal storage.

If you don't want to use tools like the ones described above and unlock your device by yourself, then your alternative is to send the device to a specialized service center and pay professionals to unlock your device.

If you want to remove the Factory Reset Protection from your Android smartphone, then you can do it using some of the tools presented here at EasyFRPbypass. Most tools found there are free to use, and should work for any Android smartphone released in the last five years, but we won't guarantee that it will work for newer devices running Android 8.0 or 9.0 Pie.

Also, note that you might have to use a computer in order to bypass the Android FRP for your phone. The guides there should work for Android tablets, too. In order to be able to correctly use all the tools you will have to be an advanced user, so that you won't be losing any important data files.

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