The HTC Sensation phone can be easily unlocked and by reading the instructions in this article, which will allow you to use it at 100% of its capabilities. By unlocking your phone you will be able to root it and add custom ROM firmware such as the latest Android release, Ice Cream Sandwich.

After you manage to unlock your HTC Sensation device, the warranty will be canceled, but then you will be able to root it and use custom ROMs and applications. This unlocking guide was made possible by XDA users jackmonter5, sieempi and xl VipeR lx. Please note that before moving to the tutorial guide you need to know that our website cannot be held responsible for any problems or errors you will experience after unlocking your Sensation device.

In order to correctly complete the tutorial guide you need to read the lines listed below and learn how to correctly configure your device and computer the unlocking process. Here's what you need to take into consideration before Unlocking your HTC Sensation phone:

  • backup all the data that you have currently stored on your phone, but do it without using HTC Sync because this feature won't be detected after your Sensation has been successfully unlocked.
  • make sure to save all your contacts, call logs, music and video files.
  • backup the APN and MMS Settings so that after the unlock you will be able to browse the internet. Do it by going to Applications, then Settings, open Wireless and Networks then Mobile Networks and the information you need is listed under 'Access Point Names'.
  • the minimum charge level left on you phone's battery has to be higher than 80%; this way the HTC Sensation won't power OFF during the unlocking process.
  • the phone has to be SIM locked and rooted, because you will need to unlock it using Clockwork mod recovery.

I think that this is all the info that you need to know before moving to the tutorial guide.

How to successfully unlock your HTC Sensation phone that runs on Android:

  1.  First thing you need is to download 'PG58DIAG for HTC Sensation' and save it on your PC.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.
  3. Now copy the file you've downloaded at step 1 in the root folder, the one that is located on your phone's SD Card.
  4. Remove the USB Cable to disconnect the phone from your PC.
  5. Enable USB Debugging option by opening Settings, then Applications and select Development where you need to tick the 'USB Debugging' box.
  6. Power OFF the Sensation phone.
  7. Now press the Volume Down key and then press the Power button to enter your phone into Bootloader mode/ H Boot mode.
  8. Press the 'Volume Down' key to enter DIAG and, when you're asked, place the HTC device horizontally and press the Power key to choose 'Clean S58 Data'.
  9. Now your device should have been successfully unlocked and you can check if the tutorial guide worked by inserting a different SIM card from another carrier.
  10. To complete this guide, you need to delete the file named 'PG58DIA' and restart your HTC Sensation.

Since you've managed to unlock your phone, it means that you are ready to restore all the data that you have saved before starting the unlocking process. In case you hit trouble while you're applying the instructions listed above, then please tells us by posting in the comments section and we should find a solution for you.

In case, after you have completed all the steps, your HTC Sensation is still locked then you will need to restart and apply all instructions from the beginning because you might have skipped a step or two and that might be the source of your problems.


Parvaiz ยท 5 years ago

Bootloader mode/ H Boot mode.

displaying the message
Parsing . . . [PG58DIAG.nbh]
Security Fail
Update Fail
Press to reboot..

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