Honor 8X is a mid-range Android based device which offers quite enough for the money. However, if you really want to take full advantage of your smartphone, then you should consider in applying a few tweaks. With the right tweaks applied you will manage to optimize general performance and customize the built-in Android UI just for obtaining better results from your handset. Well, in that regard we will be now discussing about the method that can be followed for unlocking the Honor 8X bootloader.

Why should you start the tweaking process by unlocking your phone’s bootloader? Because this is the first unlocking procedure that can and must be applied on the Android system. Without completing it you won’t be able to apply further customizations and optimizations, so basically you will be stuck on using your Honor 8X without being able to experience its full power.

The bootloader is a small program that runs by default on your phone. This script makes it all happen – it loads the Android OS and other essential start-up programs and features from the ROM memory into the RAM partition; and it will do so each time you will choose to boot, reboot, power on or power off your smartphone. Shortly, without this small script your Honor 8X cannot perform. But, the bootloader comes with different restrictions pre-installed meaning that you further Android access will be limited unless you choose to unlock the bootloader first.

And on an unlocked bootloader you can experience all the tweaks that are available for your Android device: you can easily gain root access, you can set up a custom recovery image, you can add a custom kernel, you can flash custom MODs, you can update your Honor 8X with custom ROMs and you can even choose to overclock or undervolt CPU frequencies.

However, Huawei isn’t supporting this operation and for now isn’t offering unlocking codes for the Honor 8X. Thus, firstly, you are going to lose your phone’s warranty as you are going to complete an unofficial operation that cannot be associated with your OEM or with Google. And, unfortunately, for now you will have to purchase the unlock code from third-party devs – for example you can register for such code on FunkyHuawei or from Global Unlocking Solutions.

Before using the steps from below for successfully unlocking the Honor 8X bootloader, make a backup. It’s important to save your personal data, info, accounts and files before applying this unlocking process – some files might get corrupted or a wipe might be initiated situation during which you can end up in losing your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data and similar other packages. So, shortly, use your favorite backup and restore solutions: sync your data with your Google Account, download dedicated and already tested backup and restore apps from Google Play, use an external storage device, or use built-in cloud storage services pre-loaded by your OEM or by your carrier.

Also, make sure that you can use a computer as from there you will initiate the unlocking procedure. On that computer the Honor 8X drivers must be installed, so do that first. Also, Android SDK must be set up, thus do learn how to install Android SDK on Windows (by using our dedicated tutorial from here) or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux (by using this step by step guide).

Then, on your phone gain developer rights; do that by tapping repeatedly on Built Number from About Phone – after 7 or 10 repeated taps you will receive the ‘you are a developer’ message. Next, from Developer Options (access it from General Settings) enable the USB Debugging feature.

Verify how much power is left on your handset. It’s important to ensure more than 50% power before starting to unlock the Honor 8X bootloader – otherwise your device might get turned off in the middle of the unlocking process and sudden shut downs might cause severe issues within the Android core system (shortly, you can end up in soft-bricking your Android device if you’re not careful enough). Therefore, choose to charge your device first, if that’s required.

Of course, use the steps from below only if you own the Honor 8X and only after getting the right unlocking code for your phone.

How to Unlock the Honor 8X Bootloader

  1. As already mentioned Huawei isn’t offering unlocking codes for the Honor 8X so you will have to get one from third party devs; do that and then return here.
  2. On your computer navigate towards the Android SDK folder and open a command prompt window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key and then right-click on any blank space; from the list that’s displayed choose ‘open command prompt window here’.
  3. Connect your smartphone with your computer – do that with the help of your phone’s USB cable.
  4. In the cmd window execute ‘adb devices’ – the IMEI number should be returned or else you will have to reinstall your Honor 8X drivers on your computer before doing anything else.
  5. Return to cmd and type ‘adb reboot bootloader’ – now fastboot mode will be entered on your Android device.
  6. On the same cmd window type ‘fastboot oem unlock yourunlockey’ – replace yourunlockey with the code you received earlier.
  7. When done, execute fastboot reboot.
  8. That should be all; unplug the USB cable, close the cmd window and reboot your smartphone.

Good work. Your Honor 8X should now run on an unlocked bootloader. So, starting from now you can choose to apply other tweaking procedures on your device and you should start by setting up TWRP recovery as then you will be able to gain root access via Magisk – these custom operations will be also detailed here on Android.gs so stay close and search through our ‘how to’ page. Also, let us know how everything worked for you by filling out the comments field from below. Enjoy.

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