The official CyanogenMod 13 builds are live for download. Below you can find all the info you need in order to learn how to flash a custom ROM like CM 13 Marshmallow Nightly on your Moto E 1st-gen model.

The new CM 13 Nightlies are based on the AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow releases, but you will find tons of other extra features added by the CyanogenMod team. The nightlies are not stable builds, but you should still get enough out of them in order to experience a great Marshmallow OS performance. Check the CyanogenMod blog post here for more info on this new release.

Before flashing the custom ROM you need to check the guidelines below:

  • use this post only with the Motorola Moto E that was launched in 2014.
    - this is the "condor" codenamed device with the XT1021 model number.
    - check your phone's version under Settings> About Phone menu.
  • don't use this guide for any other different Moto E models.
  • use this post only if you are an advanced user.
    - we won't be responsible for any data loss nor in case you brick your phone.
  • the Moto E that you're are about to upgrade using CM 13 needs to be running a rooted firmware.
    - also, a custom Recovery based on either TWRP or CWM should be installed on it.
    - the installed custom Recovery has to be upgraded to its latest version, so that it will support the newest Android 6.0 custom ROM installations.
  • in the 'how-to' part of this post you can find two extra preparation steps: the NANDROID ROM Backup and the Factory Reset.
    - do not skip these steps.
    - the backup will set a restore point for the ROM that you already have installed on your device.
    - the restore point can then be used to fix your device in case the new CM 13 ROM doesn't boot successfully in normal mode.
    - the 'factory reset' has to be applied in order to get rid of the old ROM and allow the new CM 13 ROM to boot.
    - factory resetting the Moto E device will remove all data from system partition, but no files will be lost from its internal storage.
  • if you want to save data from installed apps, then you can use the Helium app.
    - don't try to backup data using Titanium Backup, as it isn't fully supported by CM 13 custom ROMs.
  • check your phone's charge level, it has to be over 50%, so that the device won't switch off during the installation process.
  • read the entire tutorial first and make sure not to skip any steps.

If you wish to continue installing new future CM 13 Nightlies, then you can do it by using the CyanogenMod Updates menu from under Settings> About Phone section.

How to install CM 13 Android 6.0 Nightly ROM for 1st-gen Moto E XT1021:

  1. Download the CM 13 Nightly zip from here.
  2. Download Gapps for Android 6.0 ROMs from here.
  3. Move both zip files on your phone's internal storage.
    - after the files are copied you can disconnect the phone from PC.
    - do not extract the files comprised within the archives.
  4. Power off the phone.
  5. Boot it in Custom Recovery Mode.
  6. Set a NANDROID restore point for your phone:
    - for CWM recovery select 'backup and restore'.
    - for TWRP select 'backup'.
    - confirm process.
  7. Now you can factory reset the device:
    - CWM: select 'wipe data/ factory reset'.
    - TWRP: select 'wipe' options.
    - confirm.
  8. Next, start the CM 13 Nightly installation:
    - CWM: select the 'install zip from sdcard', then 'choose zip from sdcard'.
    - TWRP: select 'install' option.
  9. Find the CM 13 zip file and confirm the installation process.
  10. Flash the Gapps zip after all the new ROM files are done installing on your device.
  11. When all the CM 13 and Gapps files are done installing you can reboot your phone in normal mode.

These were all the steps you had to take in order to flash a new CM 13 ROM on your Moto E device.

If you need more help completing the tutorial, then you can tell us in comments below.

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