As we all know, due to hardware limitation, the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i will no longer receive official updates, the Gingerbread system being the last one that you can OTA apply on your handset. You shouldn’t worry though as third party devs are working to bring new ROMs (ICS and Jelly Bean based ones) for your smartphone. Such platforms are already available for your Ace, so for suitable tutorials check out our how to section. Now, today I will show you how to flash the Simplicity Android 2.3.6 custom ROM firmware on your Galaxy Ace, this being the latest and the most stable unofficial update developed for your device.

This software was developed and first tested by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for the present step by step guide. The Simplicity ROM is being based on the latest XXLF3 firmware and brings numerous and important features to your Galaxy Ace. Also, your phone will be updated with a new interface and you will be able to personalize and customize the looks, the appearances and everything else you need to. In a few words you will be able to enjoy a redefined Android experience, not to mention that the performances of your handset will be powered up. You will gain more speed, have more access to the internal system, install complex apps, optimize and customize the OS and enjoy an improved battery life.

Those were just some of the features and capabilities which will be ported to your Ace. For more details about the same you can take a look over the image from below where I have listed the most relevant aspects about the Simplicity Android 2.3.6 ROM. In this way you can make a proper idea about the update and decide whether or not to install the same on your smartphone. Also, I recommend you to read all the lines from this guide for ensuring that you are making the best decision and for keeping your device in safe hands.

[caption id="attachment_8620" align="aligncenter" width="373"]Simplicity Android 2.3.6 main Features Simplicity Android 2.3.6 main Features[/caption]

If you like what you see then let’s start working. First of all, as usual, before commencing to change something on your phone you should be sure that your personal data can’t be erased. Furthermore, as we are about to change the OS, a full wipe of the system will be required, so it’s important to perform a backup. Only after that you can head to the installation procedure or to other tasks that you must complete. A backup operation can be applied easily as there are many ways in which you can manage the same. There are many apps available on Google Play and it will be a good idea to use them. If you don’t know which app to download or how to use the tools, here are some tips.

Now that you saved the data, you should take care of other things. For being able to update your Galaxy Ace S5830i you must root it first. Also a custom recovery image should be installed on your handset. The root access must be gained as the ROM cannot be flashed on a system that has the factory restrictions installed. The recovery image will be used for installing the update file and for performing the wipe, so it’s a must have. Be aware as when you root the OS, the warranty will get void. So, don’t perform things by yourselves, always use and follow a step by step guide like this one. Anyway, the warranty can be replaced by downgrading to the stock ROM so it will be a good idea to note down the version of firmware which is running on your Ace.

So, now you know how to backup the data and you have noticed that you need to root and install a custom recovery image on your smartphone. The last thing that must be mentioned here is related to the pre requisites. In the following list I have mentioned some operations that must be performed if you want to ensure that nothing bad will happen during the update process. Don’t skip this section as it is the most relevant one. In the end you can safely head to the proper steps.

  • You must have access to a Windows running computer and to the phone USB cord.
  • On your PC and device if there are security tools installed, please deactivate them before commencing the steps from below.
  • Take your Ace and go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”; check the last option.
  • Also, check the battery status. If it indicates less than 70% power, go and charge the battery first.
  • Apply this tutorial only for the Samsung Galaxy Ace model number S5830i, or else you can brick your Android powered device.

How to Update Galaxy Ace S5830i to Simplicity Android 2.3.6 Custom ROM

  1. On your computer download the update file from here.
  2. Then, use the USB cord and connect the phone with the PC.
  3. Select the downloaded file on the computer and copy-paste it to your Ace.
  4. Unplug the USB cable and disconnect the device from the PC.
  5. Turn off the handset.
  6. Reboot in recovery mode.
  7. For recovery you must press and hold the Menu button while powering on.
  8. First of all, from recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  9. Then, “+++go back+++”.
  10. Now, for installing the ROM, select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”.
  11. Pick the update file and don’t make any other changes in recovery.
  12. Wait until the process ends.
  13. Then, select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

That was the how to procedure from which you could learn how to manually install the Simplicity Android 2.3.6 Custom ROM firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i smartphone. Tell us if there were problems during the installation process or if you had problems in understanding one of my explanations. Also, share your impressions about the new Rom with us and with other users by using the comments area from below.

Ahah · 3 years ago

Where is rom file?

jatinder toor · 6 years ago

bro after installing it my phone does not support any mobile network

saurabh · 6 years ago

it is really bad my phone doesnot on

saurabh · 6 years ago

it is really bad my phone doesnot turn on what i do

j98slick · 6 years ago

fucking idiot now my phone dosen't turn on

vamshi · 6 years ago

my cell is not read sim (Emergency Calls ONLY) wen i restore backup, will u please help me

Vamshi · 6 years ago

thanks dude it's successfully installing my divice- s5830i

STEVE · 6 years ago


PMSL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA · 6 years ago

you sad sad people....

if u do not read comments this is what happens.....

Welcome all PC and Software n00bs..
Just to let you all know.. i had great pleasure Laughing at you at your experience with Mods that break software....

maybe read the instructions on web humans, and how they lie lol


aaaaaaa · 6 years ago

is there any way to repare it

ELSEN · 6 years ago

Hello. I use this rom and my phone don't turn on. After downloading this rom to your phone you don't use recovery mod. And 1 way to repair phone---->take your phone and go programmers. I do it too. (10$)

Demian Paluca · 6 years ago


TXM1LLZY · 6 years ago

plug in to pc and update it via kios

TTT · 6 years ago

bro my screen appear white.......after installing firmware plzzz help....

Just pointing · 6 years ago

"For recovery you must press and hold the Menu button while powering on." it's for Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) NOT FOR S5830i. for S5830i if you want to go to recovery mode you need pres vol up + menu + power.

Pickle · 6 years ago

omg guys u all get trolld... i guess

VAIYON · 6 years ago

why there is no answers .... we cant turn on our phones.. why ???

dilshad · 6 years ago

what to do for the phone to turn on../?
plz help =(

jXaad · 6 years ago

fuck this rom my phone doesnt turn on !

akmed · 6 years ago

fuckin cunts now my phone wont turn on wtf!!!!

Suraj · 6 years ago

suku you must go again in recovery on clockworld recovery and again facotry reset then reboot
it will start your phone normally

brijesh · 6 years ago

my phone was bricked

suku · 6 years ago

guys my phone is switched off not turning on... what to do???

stuffmann · 6 years ago

my phone was bricked and this fixed it! :DDDDD thanks so so much!

rayz devil · 6 years ago

fucking bastard........ this stupid ass simplicity rom screwed up my phone..............
fuck you and your rom

VAIYON · 6 years ago

my phone also doesnt turn on..what sould i do?

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