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Manually Update Galaxy Gio with Official Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6

The Galaxy Gio users can now improve the performances of their smartphones, as Samsung just made available a new OS update which can easily be installed by completing the present step by step guide. The update is in fact a value pack dubbed as Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 and comes with several bug fixes and few features for improving your Android experience and for making the platform more stable and smooth. Even though this is an official update made available for limited countries, I will teach you how to manually apply the same on any network unlocked Galaxy Gio S5660 smartphone.

So, if you haven’t OTA received the official value pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 firmware, then this tutorial is all you need. By performing the below steps you will be able to manually update your Gio with the latest ROM offered by Samsung, though it is not about ICS or Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, there won’t be any official Android 4.0 or 4.1 OS update for your Galaxy Gio S5660, but thanks to third party devs you will be able to install Jelly Bean and ICS based custom ROMs on your handset. Until then, you should apply the present firmware as it brings important improvements to the stock ROM.

Furthermore, if you choose to install the Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 software you can restore the Galaxy Gio warranty (that in case it was previously voided) without downgrading to a previously released official firmware. Also, you don’t have to own a rooted device, as the value pack can be flashed on any system. Of course we are dealing with an official update, so if your phone is currently rooted, after completing this tutorial you will revoke the root access and relock the bootloader. So, you will have to regain root access, but by following a guide suitable for the new OS (we will bring one in the coming days).

For being able to manually install the Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 on your Samsung Galaxy Gio, you will have to use Odin, which is a dedicated app designed especially for this kind of operations. You have the proper way for using Odin described during the steps from below, so you have nothing to worry about. But, as you are about to apply a manual procedure, first you need to backup the data which is being saved on the phone internal storage memory. Else, you risk in losing all of your personal info. I have mentioned some backup tips below.

Up next, you need to ensure that you have access to a Windows running computer with internet access enabled, to your handset and to its USB cord. Then, on both PC and Gio uninstall or deactivate all the security programs (antivirus and Firewall protection included) as these tools can interrupt the installation procedure. Also, enable the USB debugging option (“Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”) from your phone and install the proper drivers on your computer. If there is less than 60% battery power, go and charge the phone battery first, or else it can get turned off in the middle of the update operation. Now, don’t apply the tutorial unless you own the network unlocked Samsung Galaxy Gio, model number S5660 or else you can end up in bricking your device.

How to Manually Update Galaxy Gio with Official Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6

  1. Download the update file by using the link from here.
  2. Also download Odin.
  3. Save the file on your computer.
  4. Extract Odin and also the update package.
  5. Install Odin and in the end run it.
  6. Turn off the phone.
  7. Reboot it in download mode.
  8. The Galaxy Gio can be rebooted in download mode by pressing on the Volume Down button and the Home key button (the middle button) while pressing on the Power one.
  9. Once download mode reached, connect the handset with the computer.
  10. When you do so, on Odin the ID:COM should turn yellow.
  11. Also, on Odin the “added” message should be displayed.
  12. If not, try to re-install the drivers on your PC and re-do the above mentioned steps.
  13. Now, from Odin select “OPS” to select “GIO_v1.0.ops”.
  14. Then select “One Package”.
  15. Pick the update file from your computer.
  16. Click on “start”.
  17. Don’t make any other changes.
  18. When the installation process ends, on Odin the “pass” message should be displayed.
  19. You can now unplug the USB cord.
  20. Reboot the smartphone.

Congratulations, you have succeeded in updating your Samsung Galaxy Gio with the official value pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 firmware. Remember that this is the manual procedure suitable for the network unlocked devices that didn’t OTA received the ROM. Now, you should stay close as custom ROMs will be made available for your handset and by flashing the same you will be able to install Jelly Bean and ICS based upgrades. Do tell us how things worked for you and how you find the new OS.

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