Last time when we checked on how to update the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 to stock Android 4.1.2 firmware the XWLSD OS was out. Since then Samsung released a new ROM for the Galaxy S2, which comes to resolve the reported bugs from the XWLSD system. Therefore, today I will show you how to manually update your Galaxy S2 to official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLSJ OS, the proper step by step guide being explained and detailed during the following lines, so for further info check the same.

The XWLSJ firmware is the latest official Jelly Bean update launched by Samsung for the Galaxy S2 GT I9100 handsets which means that the ROM can also be OTA or by USING KIES received and installed on your phone. Anyway, if you haven’t spotted the software until now don’t worry as the upgrade was released in limited markets only. Therefore, if the XWLSJ OS isn’t OTA available for you, then you will have to manually flash the Android 4.1.2 system on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and for that you have the present tutorial.

Remember that this is not the only official Jelly Bean firmware that has been rolled out for the S2, so if you want to check the other OS improvements I recommend you to take a look over our “update Samsung Galaxy S2” section; also, you will have there suitable guides that can be applied by those who are looking forward in installing a custom ROM, so don’t hesitate and use the same. Anyway, as I have already mentioned, this is the latest Jelly Bean OS meaning that we are dealing with the most stable variant of the Jelly Bean platform so far. All the bugs and reported issues have been resolved and some minor features and apps have been added, therefore your Galaxy S2 will be updated with an improved version of the Android 4.1.2 ROM.

Now if you do want to follow this step by step guide in order to update your Galaxy S2, then you will have to complete all the lines from below. You first have to check and apply the essential pre requisites and only after that you will be able to safely begin the flashing procedure. Don’t worry though as we are dealing with an official firmware, so the installation process can be easily performed.

Because of the up mentioned aspect, it is important to know that you don’t have to root your S2 before starting this guide. Furthermore, if somehow you have a rooted device, after applying the steps from below the root access will be revoked. Fortunately for you that mean that the warranty will be restored therefore you will be able to enjoy the default Jelly Bean system. If you will want to re root your phone, you will have to use a guide that is suitable with the new Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLSJ OS, or else you will risk in bricking your handset.

As you will see, for the flashing operation you will have to use Odin, so a custom recovery image isn’t required. In case your Galaxy S2 is being installed with such a tool it is recommended (though it is optional) to use the recovery for applying a wipe (boot into recovery image and select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition) before using Odin for applying the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update. Also, considering the same aspects, a backup must be performed before going any further. I strongly recommend you to save anything you need, starting from contacts, messages, call logs, market apps and ending with the internet setting and EFS folder.

As you can already tell, a Windows running computer with internet access enabled, your phone and its USB cord, must be near you. Now, in order to avoid the unpleasant situations do the following: uninstall all the security tools that are being running on your computer and smartphone because these programs are usually interfering with the update process; charge the battery of your device (if there is less than 60% power left) because your S2 might get turned off in the middle of our work; enable the USB debugging option on your phone (“Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”) for being able to connect the same with the computer.

Finally remember that this tutorial will work only for those who own the Samsung Galaxy S2 model number GT I9100. If you try to apply the next steps on a similar or differed Android based smartphone you will risk in bricking your device.

How to Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLSJ OS

  1. On your computer download Samsung KIES and install the drivers for the Galaxy S2; skip this step if the drivers are already installed.
  2. Download and install Odin; skip this step if on your computer Odin is already running.
  3. From here download the update file and extract the same on the computer.
  4. On your PC open Odin.
  5. Boot your phone into download mode: first turn it off and the reboot by pressing on the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.
  6. Now, connect your device with the computer by using the USB cord.
  7. Take a look on Odin; if you notice that the ID:COM is yellow or blue and the “added” message is being displayed, everything is perfect.
  8. If not, you need to close Odin, disconnect the phone from the PC, reinstall the drivers on the computer and repeat the procedure from the beginning.
  9. From Odin select the option named “PDA”.
  10. The pick the update file which was downloaded and extracted before.
  11. Click on “Start”.
  12. When the installation procedure is over you should see the “pass” message displayed on Odin.
  13. You can unplug the USB cable and reboot your smartphone as you are done.

If instead of a normal boot you will get a boot loop then, you need to reboot your device by pressing on the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for entering into recovery mode; from there select “wipe data factory reset” followed by “wipe cache partition. Then return to the main menu and choose “reboot system now”.

Also, in case Odin gets stuck, you need to: close Odin, remove the USB cord, force restart your device, re-install the drivers on the computer and re-peat the update procedure from the beginning. Now, you shouldn’t get any kinds of problems while trying to apply the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLSJ OS.

Well, that was all; congratulations you have finally updated your Samsung Galaxy S2 to official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLSJ software. Test the new firmware and see how it performs; then return here and share your impressions and thoughts with us and with other users too by using the comments area from below.

Naveed Shabbir · 3 years ago

i have samsung galaxy GT-I9100 . Butt not install imo .

Ron Litto · 5 years ago

peace of cake for a first timer
great work, please please keep it up.

bob matar · 6 years ago

I am having a problem with the update file, as i hit the download button in it says " your download has expired " i really need to update my phone why isnt the file downloading ?!! any other link ?! please help ( i backed up my phone, installed the drivers,odin is succesfuly installed everything is perfect but the download link !!) help me

amit panchasara · 6 years ago

i update my device s2 gt i9100 in india all is run good but my music player costom equliser is not work no any effect plz. help me how can i fix it.

Farrukh · 6 years ago

I have flashed my Galaxy s2 with the provided ROM. All is working fine except "it is asking for sim network unlock pin". how can i fix it.

Shashikant Hegde · 6 years ago

To boot Galaxy S2 I9100 one has to press volume down (not up as you have mentioned in point No.5), power and home buttons. But for this one wrong facts, the article is interesting and helped me in updating my Galaxy S2.

doosrame · 4 years ago

and if you are stuck in a boot loop - to enter recovery it is " Volume Up Home and Power instead of Volume Down and Power

av · 6 years ago

Does anyone know if this ROM works on all galaxy s2 smartphones? No matter what previous ROM is installed on it?
Is this an international version that can upgrade ROM'S from all countries?


deniz · 6 years ago

it works, im using it for 10 days now no problems but wireless. after connecting wireless network if you lock device it wont reconnect. it looks like you joined wireless network but no file transfer happening, you need to rejoin manually

vule · 6 years ago

ty man it works pretty much RESPECT FROM SERBIA

Amit · 6 years ago

Upgrade went through like a charm. Thanks so much for the detailed step by step instruction. I would like to point out one correction though to the step# 5. For booting your phone into download mode: first turn it off and the reboot by pressing on the Power and Volume Down buttons and Home button at the same time.

razvan · 6 years ago

It says touchwizz stopped and keeps doing that again and again ... :|

razvan · 6 years ago

Factory reset and now it works just fine... i was worried there for a second ...

Deniz · 6 years ago

Wireless does not work 10 minutes after joined. At first it works but somehow it fades in minutes. And Audio menu in *#197328640# still bounces. Ahh why i pay for this piece of s*it. Freaking sound volume is low CAN THAT BE EVEN a problem in a 21st century device. My old broken iphone 2g provides more sound quality. I paid 50 dolars to headphones but i didint now s*it like this will happen to me. Whole money i paid gone trash, looking ahead to trade with 4s now...

That's really really disappointing. It's like some japan freak trolling and laughing at us.

eddacker · 6 years ago

OK, downloading the update file, which is huge and slow (hours unless you pay another company $9), meanwhile my anti-v is screaming at me (for both the Odin dnld AND the file) and I work through all these, trusting you. BUT when I try to unpack the tar.md5 file I get a failed "checksum error" and cannot complete.

Odin installed fine and the downloaded update file reported no errors

Can someone give me a suggestion about my problem?

Win7, Kaspersky 2013, ZipGenius, T-Mobile Galaxy S2 4.0.1, firmware (PDA:LPJ / PHONE:LPE / CSC:LP (TMU) ) from Kies, Kies, I am in the UK

all phones, computer and programs have current updates

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