By now I bet everyone has heard of the Samsung Galaxy S III, if not from the normal ways, at least from the comparison with the latest iPhone 5 upon its launch. Fortunately for the Korean giant, things seem to be going pretty well with its soon to be replaced flagship as it sells like hot cakes all around the world. The only real downside of the most powerful Android smartphone to date is the last generation operating system, as it still relies on Android 4.0.4 ICS.

Just after the official launch, Samsung promised to deliver a Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy S III as soon as possible, and from the information we have, the much awaited update should arrive to the masses somewhere in October. Until then, Samsung has leaked, willingly or not, a couple of Jelly Bean ROM’s for the S III in the last couple of weeks, and the i9300XXDLI4 does seem to be the latest one.

Although the i9300XXDLI4 is still labeled as a test build, it is by far the most stable so far, but that is not its only advantage, as it also fixes almost all of the bugs present in the earlier version. As far as we can tell, the i9300XXDLI4 ROM can be used as your daily driver, but as it is not official yet, installing it will void your warranty.

Now let us talk a little about the fixes this i9300XXDLI4 leaked ROM brings to the existing ones:

  • Brightness Issue is fixed
  • Wi-Fi reception improved
  • RAM Optimizations
  • Fast Battery Charging
  • App Drawer much smoother
  • Apps open really fast
  • Very Fast and Smooth

As you can see, all of the major drawbacks of the previous releases seem to be fixed in the i9300XXDLI4 ROM, but do not get your hopes very up high as this is after all a pre release Rom, and some minor bugs or hiccups are to be expected. The firmware details can are the following:

Android Version: 4.1.1 – JRO03C (Jelly Bean)
Changelist: 140034
Build Date: 7th September 2012

We have also included a couple of screenshots of the i9300XXDLI4 ROM in the following lines, so be sure to check them out before proceeding to the flashing guide:

[caption id="attachment_8864" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Leaked ROM Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Leaked ROM[/caption]

And now for the most interesting part, the flashing instructions. Please be aware that updating your Galaxy S III with this pre release ROM will probably void your warranty and that we are in no way responsible for any damage that may come to your device from following this guide. With this in mind, you should rest assured as many people have already updated their devices without any problems, and you should be one of them very soon if you decide to go past this point.

  1. First of all you will have to download the leaked firmware from this sammobile link.
  2. After successfully downloading the pack you will have to unzip the archive to an easily accessible palce and then proceed to the next step.
  3. In this step you will start the Odin 3.04 program found in the extracted files.
  4. After doing so you will have to restart your Galaxy S III into download mode. The easiest way to do so is to power it off and then press and hold the following buttons until the first loading screen appears: Home button, Volume Down button and the Power button.
  5. After successfully restarting your Galaxy S III into download mode you will have to connect it to your computer using its original data cable after which you will have to check the Odin program and see if a yellow sign has appeared in the top left corner.
  6. Next up you will have to click the PDA button in Odin and select the file named: I9300XXDLI4_I9300OXADLI4_I9300XXDLI4_HOME.tar.md5 from the folder where you extracted the archive earlier.
  7. Next up please make sure that none of the ticks on the buttons in Odin have been messed with and also make sure that the repartition button is NOT ticked.
  8. In the last step you will just have to press the start button and be patient for the program to do its job. Do not unplug your device while the program is running under any circumstances, just wait until your Galaxy S III reboots and Odin says it is done.

After finishing the procedure please leave us a line in the comments section below and tell us if you have found any more bugs or how you like or dislike this new leaked ROM.

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