Although the HTC One X was the company’s flagship smartphone for the first half of 2012, HTC also released the One S smartphone as a parallel flagship device, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset instead of the Tegra 3 chipset used on the One X. There were a few other differences as well, such as the smaller screen size, different design, and limited availability when compared to the One X. However, the fact that the One S was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset made it a more popular choice among those interested in custom ROMs as the Snapdragon chipset meant developing for the One S was easier than developing for the Tegra 3 powered One X. Currently, both devices enjoy almost equal attention from developers and a lot of custom ROMs are available for both the smartphones, based on latest Android versions. Today we’re going to show you how you can update your HTC One S to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with the Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 Unofficial custom ROM.

The Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 Unofficial custom ROM for the HTC One S has been developed by XDA senior member mmarkvoort. If you are familiar with Resurrection Remix ROM, you will be aware that the ROM is based on AOKP, CM, PA, Omni, SlimROMs and original Remix ROM. Basically, a medley of all the best Android custom ROMs available, giving you an amazing combination of performance, customization, power and features on your device. Resurrection Remix is also among the most customizable ROMs out of the box. The ROM is currently in beta stage, so it will not offer you a completely stable experience. That said, it can still be used as a daily driver ROM as most of the major functions do work quite well and there are no major complaints regarding the performance as well. There were some random reboot issues earlier, but the latest build of the ROM seems to have fixed that issue for most users. Since the HTC One S no longer receives active software support directly from HTC, this ROM is the best option you have to try the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop version on your device. Future builds of the ROM should get rid of many of the existing bugs and make it more stable, improving the overall user experience even further.

When you have made up your mind and have decided that you wish to try getting the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 custom ROM installed on your HTC One S, read the guide posted below and get the custom ROM installed on your smartphone exactly as mentioned. If you do not follow the guide, there are chances you may brick your HTC One S.

Similar to how you need to get your device prepared before you install a major OTA upgrade, you need to take care of quite a few things before getting the custom ROM installed on your smartphone. What you need to do first is take care of all your backups. And that's exactly what we are going to help you with first. This isn't something that is  required only when installing the Resurrection Remix custom ROM on your HTC One S, the same has to be followed each time you wish to install any custom ROM on your smartphone. Backing up your data is not a very complicated process. And what makes it convenient is that you only will need to back up your contacts, SMS, the installed apps, and app data. You don't have to worry about backing up all the large media files that you have saved on your smartphone. That's because during the installation of this ROM, only the data we have mentioned above will be wiped. Rest of your data will not be touched. To back up these, you will have to open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and then look for backup and restore apps that are available. When choosing a backup and restore app, it is important that you check if the app is compatible with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or not. Which is why it makes more sense to stick to popular apps such as Titanium Backup, MyBackup, or Helium. When you finish backing up your data using the installed backup and restore app, you can also try performing a Nandroid backup of your current ROM, as explained at this link. A Nandroid backup isn't absolutely required but we suggest you do it as it will make it more convenient for you to revert to your previous ROM later on, should you feel the need to.

Let us now tell you about the other requirements that you should know about before you install this custom ROM on your HTC One S. One of the main requirements for getting an AOSP based custom ROM such as the Resurrection Remix ROM we are discussing today, is to have an unlocked bootloader on your device. Unlocking the bootloader carries the risk of voiding the warranty on your device, but this isn't really going to be the case with the HTC One S quite obviously. Other than that, you will also be needing a custom recovery in order to get this ROM installed. However, you can't choose a custom recovery on your own as the developer of the ROM requires you to use the latest version of TWRP Recovery to flash this custom ROM on your HTC One S. Root access is no doubt required as well, but we believe most of you may have rooted your smartphones already. If you haven't yet, please make sure you do it before installing this ROM.

We haven't yet finished discussion the installation prerequisites just yet. So, in order to continue, we require you to go to Settings on your HTC One S and then enable the USB Debugging option under Developer options.

Finally, we need you to check if your HTC One S battery has around 60% charge left on it. We don't suggest you install the custom ROM on your HTC One S in case your smartphone has low battery. It can be especially risky on an old smartphone such as the HTC One S as batteries seem to lose their full capacity over time.

After charging your HTC One S, you can continue to the ROM installation tutorial below.

How to Update HTC One S to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop With Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 Custom ROM

  1. Since this custom ROM will be installed via recovery, you will need to have the ROM ZIP file on your smartphone in order to get the file flashed later. The Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 Lollipop custom ROM can be downloaded from this link. The first step isn't yet compete though. The GAPPS ZIP file will have to be downloaded from this link for this step to be completed. The GAPPS ZIP file is also very important as this is the file that will give you all the Google apps and services with this custom ROM.
  2. When you are done downloading the Resurrection Remix 5.4.4 and GAPPS ZIP files to your computer, you will next have to get the two important files moved to the internal memory of your HTC One S in order to continue with the custom ROM installation. Begin by connecting your One S to your computer with the USB cable and then move the files to the root directory so it becomes easier for you to find the two files later on when it is time for you to flash them both to finish the installation process.

  3. Once the files have successfully been transferred from your computer to your HTC One S, you can unplug the USB cable to disconnect the smartphone from your computer. Now boot your HTC One S into recovery mode after you turn it off.

  4. When your HTC One S boots into the recovery menu, you will have to begin the most important step before installing this custom ROM, which is to ensure a clean installation by performing a full wipe via recovery. In the main recovery menu, you will have to select the 'wipe data factory reset' option first. As the name suggests, this option will perform a factory reset on your HTC One S. The second part of the process involves selecting the 'advanced options' by scrolling down in the same recovery menu and then individually selecting the options to wipe the cache, dalvik cache, system, and data partitions on your smartphone.

  5. After getting a complete wipe done via recovery, proceed to flash the Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop custom ROM on your HTC One S smartphone. You will first have to choose the ROM ZIP file downloaded earlier by selecting the 'Install zip from SD card' option. When you have done that, flash the ZIP file and wait for the custom ROM installation to complete.

  6. The only remaining thing to do be done now is to get the GAPPS ZIP file flashed. Flash the file using the same process as above and then select the 'reboot system now' option from recovery to get done with the Resurrection Remix custom ROM installation on your device.

It sure did take some effort, but you have finally gotten this custom ROM installed on your HTC One S smartphone. You will need to continue being patient for a little longer though, as the first boot up could take a few minutes.

In case you face any problems with this custom ROM after getting it installed on your device, you can seek help in the official ROM thread at this link.


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