If your smartphone is the HTC Sensation then you should know that you can enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich OS by installing the Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 6.2.1 Firmware edition. That would be the complete name of the firmware installation. If you wish to install it on your smartphone then you need to follow all the instructions listed in this article.

Before moving to the first step of the tutorial guide you need to know that this isn't an official Android 4.0 ICS firmware launched by HTC, but a custom ROM stable installation that allows you to experience the ICS OS right on your HTC Sensation phone. This new firmware works only with the HTC Sensation phones  and not with the HTC Sensation XE, so only continue reading this post only if you own a default Sensation device.

It was created by mike1986 and Android Revolution HD 6.2.1 Custom 4.0 ICS features are the following ones: it has been fully optimized and improved to work flawlessly on your phone, ROOT with SU plus SuperUser permissions addd, full Adreno220 rendering, features the latest BusyBox, improved RAM and Adreno220 config for maximum performance and quality, activated GPU user interface rendering, improved SD card speed, features an auto calibration Battery script, all system apps updated with to the latest versions, unsecured boot.img, zip aligned for improved RAM management, zip align on boot, supports sysro/ sysrw commands, improved EXT4 and works with SD card EXT4 partition, added CRT Animation and Advanced Power Menu, 4EXT Recovery, Open VPN Support, supports custom boot animation to replace the default HTC boot animation and multiple other features and tools for an improved ICS experience right on your HTC Sensation phone.

Those are some of its main features. Make sure to read all the info listed in this article. Now that you know what all of the above means, it is time for you tomove to the next part of this article, which teaches you how to properly prepare your PC and phone for the updating process. Here's what you need to know before moving to the first step of the tutorial guide:

  • create a backup of all data that's stored on your device as I'm sure that you don't want to lose all your photos, videos and other important files suring the firmware update
  • sync your contacts with your Google account
  • save the APN and MMS Settings so that after the update you will be able to restore them and be able to connect to the internet. To save these settings you need to go to Settings, then Wireless and Networks select Mobile Networks and open Access Point Names.
  • charge your phone until reaches at least 75% of battery power so that it won't switch off during the updating process.
  • you need to enable the USB debugging option by going to Settings, then Applications and open Development where you need to check the options that is named USB debugging. This step needs to be done when the phone is disconnected from the PC.
  • make sure to uninstall all Anti-malware applications so that no other software will interfere with the updating process.
  • you need to have these apps installed on your HTC Sensation: S Off and Clockwork Mod Recovery and Installed and rooted with the 4EXT Touch Recovery.

Now that you know all this info, I think that you are ready to move on to the first step of the 'How to update HTC Sensation with Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 ROM firmware' guide. Here's what steps you need to take to update your phone successfully to custom ICS:

  1. Download the Android Revolution Custom ROM 4.0 ICS package. Save it on your computer's desktop.
  2. Download Super Wipe Package.
  3. Both files need to be placed on your phone's SD Card. After that you can disconnect the phone.
  4. Power OFF your HTC Sensation as, afterwards, you need to launch it in recovery mode.
  5. To start Recovery Mode you need to press both the Volume Down and Power Button.
  6. When the device powers ON make sure to select Boot loader.
  7. When Recovery Mode loads completely, you need to back up the Working ROM and choose 'Backup and Restore'.
  8. Now select 'Wipe data/ factory reset' and 'Wipe Cache partition'.
  9. Choose 'install zip from SD card' and then 'choose zip from sd card'. Select the 'Super wipe package' file you downloaded at step 1.
  10. Now select the 'Android Revolution Custom ROM ICS package.
  11. The updating process should begin. When it completes, you need to choose 'reboot system now' and wait until the home screen is launched successfully. Please note, that you need to know that the rebooting process might take a while and the only thing you need to do is to wait. However, if at least a half hour goes by and nothing happens, then you should repeat all the steps listed here because something went wrong and the update wasn't applied.

I think that these are all the instructions that I had for you and if your phone boots the home screen, then it means that everything worked and now you are free to experience the custom ROM Ice Cream Sandwich OS right on your HTC Sensation phone.

If you got stuck and cannot get past any of the steps listed above, then you should use the comments section to post all the info you can. Please try and explain in the best way possible all the actions you took, because if the update didn't apply successfully then you must have done something wrong and we need as much information as possible in order to assist you.

Feel free to browse other sections of your website, as you will find other articles that you can use to learn how to update and root other Android devices. Also, in case you own a HTC Sensation phone that you managed to lock during any updating operation, then you should read the instructions listed at the 'Unlock HTC Sensation Android how-to' tutorial guide and, by doing that you will manage to regain control over all your phone's functions. For any other questions then you should use the comments field to post them and we will help you overcome any troubles and complete the updating process.

aanand · 6 years ago

How do I root my phone back, so that I can give it back under warranty? Unable to. I am a novice, btw

echav · 6 years ago

i have this update and i cant receive pictures what can i do? what is the vpn?

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