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Update Korean Samsung Galaxy S6 G920K/L/S to Android 7 Nougat

The official Android 7 Nougat update is now being rolled out in stages for all users of the Korean Galaxy S6 models. Check the instructions listed in this post if you want to learn how to manually flash this new firmware.

These updates are rolled out over-the-air all over the world in stages, which means that not everyone will get them at the same time. If you are an advanced user, and you are looking to manually update your phone, then the ODIN app provided below will help you do just that.

This tutorial can be used by those that are currently running a custom ROM on their phones, as the ODIN app is capable of restoring the device to stock Android firmware.

Before starting the installation process you have to read the following guidelines:

Use this guide only for the KOREAN version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 G920K, G920L, and G920S models. Check the device model before starting the flashing process.

Do not try to use this tutorial for any other different Android devices.

Download Samsung usb drivers from here. After the download is done you need to install them on your computer.

For the ODIN app to open on your computer you have to enable USB debugging from Developer Options and to install the above usb drivers.
The Developer Options might be hidden, which is why you have to enable them first: go to Settings> About Device and tap seven times on the Software Build Number section.

If you install the update over rooted, but stock firmware, then you will lose only root access, as no file will be removed in the process. Any custom Recovery that you might have installed will be replaced with stock recovery image.

You can install the new update over a custom ROM, too, but you will be forced to Factory Reset the system partition after the update is done installing.

The Factory Reset process removes the custom ROM, and it will force the Galaxy S6 device to boot in normal mode.

The Factory Reset steps won’t delete any data from internal storage. These steps are located at the end of this post. You need to factory reset the device only in case your phone runs a custom ROM.

If the Galaxy S6 device that you are about to upgrade to Android 7 runs 100% stock Android, then you can continue straight to the next part of this post.

Read the whole post and do not skip any steps.

This tutorial has to be used by advanced Galaxy S6 users, we cannot be blamed if you brick the phone nor in case you lose important files.

If you are unsure about installing the new firmware manually, then you should wait until KT Corporation, SK Telecom or LG Uplus are releasing the official update in your region.

How to flash Android 7 Nougat Update for Korean Galaxy S6 G920K, G920L and G920S:

  1. Download the Nougat firmware file corresponding to your device from the links below:
    – Android 7 for G920K Galaxy S6 here.
    – Android 7 for G920L Galaxy S6 here.
    – Android 7 for G920S Galaxy S6 here.
  2. When the download is done you have to unzip the archived contents.
    – save the obtained files on your computer.
    You should obtain the Android 7 update file with “tar.md5” extension. Don’t unzip this file, as this is the file you need to flash with ODIN.
  3. Download Odin 3.12.3 zip from here.
    – unzip the contents.
  4. Switch off the phone.
  5. Boot your Galaxy S6 in Download Mode.
  6. Get to ODIN’s main screen and click AP button.
    Find and load the Android 7 tar.md5 update file in ODIN.
    – it’s the file extracted at step 2.
  7. Confirm the update by pressing the START button.
    – don’t press any buttons until the new update is done installing.
  8. When the new firmware is flashed successfully you can see the PASS alert shown by ODIN, and the phone will reboot.
  9. Unplug the Galaxy S6 from PC and wait for the reboot to be completed.
    Use your usual unlock code to gain access to your phone’s main menu again.

These were the instructions you had to go over in order to complete the Android 7 Nougat update.

If the FAIL alert is shown by ODIN, then you will have to simply repeat the tutorial once more. If you do that you should make sure that your phone meets all requirements and that you won’t skip any steps listed above.


If the PASS message is shown by ODIN, but your Galaxy S6 device enters in a boot loop, or it gets stuck at the boot animation screen, then you will be forced to Factory Reset the phone.

The Factory Reset process wipes clean system partition, and it can be used b those that have installed the Android 7 update over a custom ROM, too.

Here’s how to Factory Reset your Galaxy S6: power it off, boot Recovery Mode, and then select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’. Confirm process. Reboot phone in normal mode and you are done.

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