Thanks to those of xda-developers a new method for updating your HTC Desire handset has been leaked. This time, I will be showing you on how to flash the Mild Wild 3.9 custom ROM firmware, which is being based on the Gingerbread 2.3.7 OS, meaning that the ICS software is not included. For installing the Ice Cream Sandwich platform or for getting a custom ICS based ROM on your HTC Desire, please check our previous step by step guides where you can find everything needed for the update process.

The Mild Wild 3.9 custom ROM has just been tested and it worked perfectly on a Desire smartphone, so don’t worry as there shouldn’t be any kinds of issues on your way. That doesn’t mean you can apply this tutorial for other phones or similar devices, because you can brick them. Furthermore, stick to the steps explained below and don’t do things on your own. Remember that this isn’t an official update released by HTC, so it will be better to stay out of problems. Read all the steps from this guide for making a proper idea about the ROM; in this way you can decide whether or not it is suitable for your Android powered handset.

Similar with all the custom firmware available out there, the Mild Wild version 3.9 is coming with features not included in the default version of the Android OS. Therefore, your phone’s performances will be improved. A custom ROM is more powerful than a usual software update, or than an official firmware which is coming only with bug fixes and with the basic list of enhancements. As you can see in the image from below, the features included in Mild Wild are many, all just for making your device better. The present update is also bringing tools that will customize and optimize the looks, several themes and desktop screens and effects being added into the system.

[caption id="attachment_3761" align="aligncenter" width="499" caption="Mild Wild 3.9 Features - click to enlarge"]Mild Wild 3.9 Features - click to enlarge[/caption]

As already stated the ROM is being based on the Gingerbread 2.3.7 OS, though the ICS calculator and Music Player will be installed once you flash the Mild Wild software on your HTC Desire. The other capabilities which will be installed are detailed and described in the following image. Check them and see if they are good enough for your expectations; if not you can anytime choose to update your smartphone with a different firmware.

[caption id="attachment_3762" align="aligncenter" width="388" caption="other capabilities included in the system"]other capabilities included in the system[/caption]

Being a custom ROM, the HTC Desire must be rooted in order to apply the same on it. This leads to a fact that you might know already: the warranty will get void. In case something wrong happens, you will be on your own. Then, it will be a good idea to protect your personal data saved on the phone’s internal storage memory. We have some tips that might help you with that:

Those were the negative aspects related to the Mild Wild 3.9 Custom ROM. Now, let’s see how to prepare the device you will use for updating the HTC Desire. First of all, you must use a Windows running computer, where you will store the firmware. The, you need to use your phone and its USB cord. That’s why you must charge the handset first, or at least make sure if it has at least 70% power left. Finally, complete the tasks from the list:

  • Disable, or uninstall the security tools (Firewall, antivirus, etc.) installed on the PC or on the HTC Desire.
  • In order to safely connect the smartphone with the computer you must activate the USB debugging option. You can do this by using the phone’s settings: just go to the path “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the same.

You can start the how to guide now. Make sure you have completed the up mentioned things first. So, let’s get started:

How to Install and Update Mild Wild 3.9 Custom ROM on HTC Desire

  1. As I have already mentioned, use the computer for saving the Mild Wild Custom ROM Firmware package which can be downloaded from here.
  2. Then, connect the handset, by using the USB cord, with the PC.
  3. Copy-paste the file downloaded in step 1 to the phone’s SD card.
  4. Disconnect the device and then turn it off.
  5. Reboot and enter in the recovery mode.
  6. Recovery mode can be accessed by holding down the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously until you see the recovery mode screen on your phone.
  7. On the recovery mode menu make a full wipe first.
  8. Then, select: “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”. Pick up the file copied on step 3.
  9. Wait until the process ends (5 or 10 minutes).
  10. In the end, you will be back on the recovery mode menu. Select “reboot system now”.

The HTC Desire should now run the Mild Wild 3.9 Custom ROM firmware. Remember that the ICS will not be installed with the same. Also, tell us how things worked, or if there were any kinds of issues, or error messages. Share any other opinions related to this subject with us by using the comments section from below.

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