The 1st-gen Motorola Moto E is still there? If you are using this device, as a backup phone or as your main communication solution, and if you’re not planning an upgrade pretty soon, I have something important for you. What would your thoughts be in term of a new update opportunity? Guess what, you can update your own Motorola Moto E to Android 8.0 Oreo and use the latest Android firmware without any sort of problems.

Yes, that’s possible, though not in an official way. Of course, Motorola stopped the official support for its first Moto E device from a while now. Partially due to hardware limitations but mainly for marketing purpose, the first gen of Moto E is not going to receive any further OTAs. However, that isn’t stopping the third party support. And in that respect, the new Lineage OS 15.0 ROM was released for the Motorola Moto E.

The LineageOS 15.0 is based on Android 8.0 Oreo, meaning that you can now update your Moto E to Android Oreo. The firmware was optimized and customized especially for this device thus all the features, apps and capabilities will work without issues – you will also get a stable, fast and smooth Android experience which can be further customized, optimized and personalized. So, what do you say, are you ready to try and test the new Android 8.0 Oreo system on your own Motorola Moto E?

If you are, start with a Nandroid backup. Right from the start you should save Android system files as maybe later you will want to revert / downgrade this update process. And with the Nandroid backup process that’s possible without hassle – so, overall, complete this dedicated backup operation for avoiding further unpleasant situations and for testing the Lineage OS without worrying about soft related bugs, lags, hangs and other similar malfunctions.

Lineage OS is a free aftermarket distribution of stock Android, which is now a ported version of Android 8.0 Oreo. The ROM is developed by third party devs (the same that worked on the Cyanogen Mod platform) so it cannot be associated with Motorola or with Google in any manner.

That’s why, the update process can be completed only manually, by using the steps from down below. Also, that’s why the flashing process can work only in some conditions which are being explained shortly during the following list of tasks:

Along with the Nandroid backup that was recommended before, a general backup process should be also applied. This time we are not talking about an optional operation since during the update initiative your personal data, info, accounts and files will be removed from your phone – basically, everything that’s not there by default will be wiped out. That’s happening because a custom ROM can be added only after you perform a hard reset and only after you clear app data cache. Thus, without any other further explanations, you need to understand that a backup is the only way in which you can secure everything that’s personal and important for you.

So, this is a manual update operation. Well, a computer is required for downloading the right files. Of course, your Motorola Moto E and its USB cord are required too. On your phone you have to enable Developer rights which can be done by tapping repeatedly on Built Number – keep tapping until you notice the ‘you are a developer’ prompt. Also from your phone, you need to check the USB Debugging option – this field should be located under “menu - > settings - > developer options”.

It’s important to charge your Moto E before flashing Lineage OS and update to Android 8.0 Oreo. If the power is too low (actually, lower than 50%) your smartphone can get turned off in the middle of the flashing process. Unfortunately, in that situation you can end up in soft bricking your device.

Obviously, this step by step guide is recommended only for the first gen of Motorola Moto E. The Lineage OS 15.0 firmware package mentioned below is compatible only with this particular Android based device, so try not to mess things up.

How to Update Moto E to Android 8.0 Oreo via Lineage OS 15.0 custom ROM firmware

  1. Download the Lineage OS package from here. Also, download compatible Google Apps.
  2. Save the files on your computer.
  3. Switch off your phone and go into recovery mode.
  4. From recovery make a full wipe by choosing “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  5. Return to main menu of recovery and pick “reboot system now”.
  6. Connect your handset with your computer now – use the USB cable in that respect.
  7. From your computer transfer the downloaded files and place them on your phone.
  8. When done, remove the USB cable.
  9. Reboot recovery mode on your Moto E again.
  10. This time tap on Install and load the Lineage OS package.
  11. Swipe and wait while the update operation is completed.
  12. Repeat the last step and install Google Apps.
  13. In the end, from main menu of recovery pick Reboot.

That should be all. The Lineage OS 15.0 custom ROM firmware is now running on your Motorola Moto E. So, go ahead and test the Android 8.0 Oreo software and see how everything works and runs. If you find something that’s not performing as it should, use the comments field from below and share your observations with us. Also, stay close for more similar Android update opportunities available for your Moto E. Enjoy.

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