Nokia X is great Android device especially for the entry level users who want to use a decent smartphone on a fair price. Furthermore, Nokia X is the first handset developed and released by Nokia which is running Android firmware instead of Windows platform, so the expectations are of course high. Now, if you have bought the mentioned phone and if you are looking in spicing things up by improving the performances of your device, then you should learn how to update your Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Custom ROM firmware.

Installing CM11 on Nokia X is easy, especially if you follow the guidelines from below. You will be able to find all the info you need, this step by step tutorial being perfect for both advanced users and newbies. You should know from the start that CM 11 is not an official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update released for your Nokia X. The software is a custom ROM developed by third party devs and represents a free aftermarket of Android platform. Thus, be careful when flashing this ROM as you can end up in bricking your device – we shouldn’t be held responsible in case you mess things up and end up in damaging your smartphone.

CM11 brings stock and extra Android 4.4.2 KitKat features and capabilities to your Nokia X. Therefore, by using this custom ROM you will be able to speed things up, enjoy a smooth and stable Android system and improve the performances of your device. In a few lines, after flashing CM11 you Nokia X will run without lags, you will be able to remove bloatware, install new and complex apps, upgrade the battery life, improve the web browsing experience and lot more. Due to same reasons CM is one of the most popular custom updates available for the Android system so you have all the reasons for choosing to install the same on your Nokia X.

Before heading to the flashing procedure from below, take a minute and complete the pre requisites list from below. Don’t flash the update without consulting the guidelines from below as this is the most important section of this tutorial. Remember that this isn’t an official operation and you can end up in bricking your handset if something goes wrong - learn how to unbrick your Android device with ease.

  • Root access is being required so before doing anything else root your Nokia X.
  • Be careful as by completing the mentioned operation you will void the warranty of your device.
  • Note: for restoring the warranty you can choose to flash stock / official Android OS on your smartphone.
  • Install the latest version of CWM or TWRP recovery on your Nokia X. The CM11 update will be installed by using one of the mentioned custom recovery tools, so don’t skip this step.
  • Make a backup and save everything you might need afterwards – a wipe will be required so you might lose all of your data, personal info and accounts.
  • Since a custom recovery image is being flashed, use the same and make a Nandroid backup for saving the current ROM – if something bad happens you will be able to restore stock Android firmware on your Nokia X.
  • Make sure a computer can be used; also ensure that your phone and its USB cable are near you.
  • On your computer disable the antivirus programs and any other security protection in that matter – only temporarily.
  • Then on your phone go to “menu – settings – developer options” and enable the USB debugging option – if you want to properly connect your phone with your computer.
  • Your Nokia X should be charged before installing Android 4.4.2 CM11 KitKat custom ROM. So, if there is less than 50% power left, don’t go any further without plugging in the charger.
  • Take note that this step by step guide is compatible only with the Nokia X. So, using the steps from below for flashing CM11 on a different Android smartphone will probably brick your device.

How to Update Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM

  1. On your computer you need to download the CM11 Custom ROM file (from here) and the Google Apps for your Nokia X (from here).
  2. Don’t unzip these files; place them on your computer and then connect your smartphone with your PC by plugging in the USB cable.
  3. Transfer the downloaded files on your phone’s SD card and then unplug the USB cord.
  4. Enter Nokia X in recovery mode.
  5. From recovery first of all select “wipe data factory reset” – remember to backup your data first. Then choose “wipe cache partition”.
  6. Also, select “advanced” and pick “wipe dakvick cache” and then return to main menu of recovery.
  7. From there select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card” and pick the CM11 Custom ROM firmware.
  8. Do the same thing and select the Google Apps package and then flash the same on your Nokia X.
  9. From main menu of recovery select “reboot system now” and you are done.


After applying the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update your Nokia X might get stuck in a boot loop. If that happens you should enter recovery mode once more and from there you should select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. Then reboot to Android OS and voila CM11 custom ROM firmware is being running on your device.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 KitKat custom ROM firmware. Just test the new software, see how it works on your smartphone and if you find bugs or issues, don’t hesitate and share the same during the comments field from below. Also, stay close as we will update you with further tips, tricks and Android related step by step guides.

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Abhishek Khamkar · 4 years ago

so should i download it or not......plz replay fast

XDA FAN · 4 years ago

All Custom Rom Bugs Fixes at xda Developer

Sujan Mohammad Razai Rabbi · 4 years ago

i am now rooting guys

Shaikmoin Ahmed · 4 years ago

hey gyzs i got something by which u can get stabel rom

Ahmed Nzm Ptp · 4 years ago

you can find all bug fixes with custom roms in XDA FORUM :)
best of luck !

arvind · 5 years ago

How to change nokia x in android 4.4.2kitkat

siul · 5 years ago

there are no mobile network, wifi, bluetooth.

Mohammed · 5 years ago

after step no 5 i'm not getting option for step 6 what should i do for it and if i'm skipping this step then step 7 is showing your installation is aborted please guide me for proceeding to next step

DEEPAK · 5 years ago


manoj · 5 years ago

hey there bro no worries i did the same thing just get it to nokia care and ask them to flash it

GrammarFreak! · 5 years ago

Nothing to do Anything... Dude you just trolled Brits ! :D :D :D

BlackYoshi · 4 years ago

if u still want an answer im pretty sure something simillar happened to me u have to factory reset by going to settings, scroll down from top then --> settings icon

Ravi Kanth · 5 years ago

if i install cm 11 then all my apps will be deleted??

Cm · 5 years ago


Maike Rec · 5 years ago

Helped me much ;)

Nayan · 5 years ago

Comments saved my
I ws about to install diz ROM

Nayan · 5 years ago

My life*

Manu · 5 years ago

All done but too much bugs. No wifi, Camera not working. storage is not showing in system after connecting via usb. again I flashed Lewa OS.. Its Cool... Nobody says its nokia -X.

Shankhanad Mallick · 3 years ago

Is then your wifi works?

Rais Khan · 5 years ago

Please .. everyone had problem's with installation , bring your mobile to the factory shape, then install Nokia X Manager on your computer, update your usb software for nokia, after that, download the SuperSU to your computer, and move to your Mobile as zip file, start the X manager, plug in your mobile to the computer, and push root button , TWRP will show up on your mobile screen, unplug the USB and go to mount then USB Storage then back then install Update SuperSU ( that you already moved to your mobile SD card ) , then swipe to confirm the flash ,,after flash done reboot your mobile .. by now your will have your nokia rooted . now you can go further for CM11 & Gapps

aman · 5 years ago

mine was successful but after 2 days it started showing that the process has stopped. please help

siva · 5 years ago

wifi do not work. It shows turning on. But does not on. :(

noji · 5 years ago

radio not working help me

darshan gosavi · 5 years ago

i think this is the best custom rom in compare to others......hats off to developer....but please fix .....wifi ,network,radio.......please fix this ....i love this rom

Jonah · 5 years ago

wait... there is no positive comment. Is there anyone here who actually succeed this update??

ahki · 5 years ago

how comes the normal rom

Manu · 5 years ago

brother find the flash files of nokia x and flash with nokia x flasher thanks. but I'm using Lewa OS in my nokia X there is no defect. cool and smooth experience.

wahyu · 5 years ago

Is "Lewa OS" same with android? and how to get it?

Prince Ojekere · 5 years ago

and this to the developder dat made the cm11 rom; welldone. Please do well to rsolve those issues with the wifi, mobile network, bluetooth; cos i really love the feel of thisrom. thanks in advance!!

Atif · 5 years ago

Please make stable kitkat rom with no bugs..........

Shahzad Khan · 5 years ago

radio bluetooth and wifi is not working

raj · 5 years ago

after verifying update package, installation failed,please tell me ,what to do now

Cicoare Nelu · 5 years ago

still beta cm11 for nokia x..if you read carefully you will se radio not working and many others..wait untill is rc or stable is better

omar · 5 years ago

please, after doing all. there are 2 problems
1. there are no mobile network, wifi, bluetooth.

2. google apps wont to install (dos not matter)

shinda420 · 5 years ago

same here.....omar if you find any soultions post it

Bodhi · 5 years ago

Same with me please help

MrKii · 5 years ago

there was no "wipe dalvik cache" nor "install zip from SD card" in my Nokia X

Sami · 5 years ago

Install custom recovery

sparrow · 5 years ago

hi... i tried to do root but after i set permission for my system/app folder and then i reboot the device now its going on bootloader loop please help me

Brian Jolly · 5 years ago

Oh and give credit to the person that did the work if you plan on linking things. I mean DHacker btw.

Brian Jolly · 5 years ago

You Don't need root to flash a recovery lmao as a matter of fact rooting before you flash recovery is redundant and noobish.

vishnuramesh · 5 years ago

cant flash the zip file. Its saying satuts 7 error. What to do?

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