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Update Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 with May 2018 Security Patch

A new Android 7.0 Nougat based update is available for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7. So, it’s not a major firmware improvement and news about an upcoming Android 8.0 Oreo platform is still missing. However, it’s an important update opportunity as it brings the May 2018 Security Patch – build number J730FXWU2ARE1.

As always, the update is pushed out gradually or in phases by Samsung and will be received automatically by your Galaxy J7 in form of a new Android notification. The OTA (‘over the air’) update can embrace your device only in certain conditions though. In that respect you must know that you should wait for your own OTA only if your smartphone is already running on official Android OS and only if tweaks weren’t applied on your phone – for example, on a rooted system you won’t be able to receive the May 2018 Security Patch.

So, as it should be already obvious, there are situations when a manual flashing process is required instead. Well, in those particular situations you can follow the guidelines explained below. This tutorial is going to show you how Odin can be used in order to manually install the J730FXWU2ARE1 update on the 2017 model of the Samsung Galaxy J7. Odin is the official flashing program developed by Samsung especially for such operations, so from this perspective you have nothing to worry about.

Installing the full firmware package is therefore an official process supported by your OEM and by Google. You won’t have to use any risky tools or third party flashing programs therefore Samsung KNOX won’t get tripped – shortly, you cannot lose your phone’s warranty by choosing to apply this tutorial as that can happen only when custom ROMs are used.

Anyway, the May 2018 Security Patch brings a stable, smooth and secured Android 7.0 Nougat experience to your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. The firmware is fast and pre-loaded with the basic Android features, apps and capabilities. Additionally, the update is coming with important bug fixes, stability improvements and security patches which means that you have all the reasons for trying it right away – overall, you will be enjoying a better UI that will run without issues on a daily basis.

This update operation can help you resolve other tasks beside the regular update one – that’s possible because by flashing the full firmware package you can restore your Galaxy J7 2017 to factory state. For example, you can use this guide if you want to revoke root access, relock the bootloader, reinstall the stock recovery image or reinstall bloatware on your device; additionally you can use the steps from below as specific troubleshooting solutions that can solve different Android software related problems such as boot loops, lags, hangs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating issues, signal strength malfunctions, total blackouts and lot more.

As for the actual update operation, the steps explained below can be applied only if a computer is at your disposal – there you will have to set up Odin as described during the next steps. Also, for making sure that Odin will run properly, before doing anything else install the Galaxy J7 drivers on your computer – Samsung KIES can be used in that respect.

Before starting to flash the May 2018 Security Patch verify the battery status bar on your Samsung Galaxy J7. Don’t do anything else if the power left is lower than 50% as when the power is low your phone might get turned off while Odin is being used and when that happens you risk in soft bricking your handset. Bottom line, plug in the charger before resuming the update process if that’s required.

On your phone you have to enable USB Debugging. This option is located under Menu – > Settings – > Developer Options. Now, if Developer Options isn’t displayed you have to go to About Phone and from there you need to tap repeatedly on Built Number – after 7 or 10 taps you will receive the ‘you are a developer’ message (that’s how Developer Options can be enabled on your Samsung branded device).

Of course, this step by step guide is compatible only with the 2017 model of Samsung Galaxy J7. Don’t flash the J730FXWU2ARE1 May 2018 Security Patch if you own a similar or a different Android based smartphone.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 with May 2018 Security Patch

  1. Start by downloading the May 2018 Security Patch that’s available for your Samsung Galaxy J7 – you can download this package from this page.
  2. Save the update file on your computer – you can save it on desktop if that’s possible.
  3. Then, download Odin on your computer. Run the executable file and follow on-screen prompts for setting up the flashing program on your PC.
  4. Run Odin when that’s done.
  5. Power off your smartphone and wait a few moments while the shut down process is completed. Afterwards, reboot download mode on your J7: press and hold Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together, for a short while.
  6. Connect your handset with your computer via USB cable – Odin must recognize your phone and if that happens the flashing program will return the ‘added’ message and its ID:COM field will turn yellow or blue.
  7. If the flashing program cannot communicate with your phone, try to: close Odin, unplug the USB cable, reinstall the J7 drivers on your computer and repeat the steps from above.
  8. Next, in Odin click on the AP button and afterwards load the May 2018 Security patch from desktop.
  9. When asked, don’t select the Re Partition and the Auto Reboot options.
  10. Click on Start for initiating the flashing process – don’t worry, it will be automatically completed.
  11. When that’s done you will receive the ‘pass’ message and the ID:COM field will be turned green.
  12. At that moment it’s safe to close Odin, remove the USB cable and reboot your Samsung Galaxy J7.

How to solve the problems that might happen during the update process

If you have problems while Odin is running – for example, if the flashing program gets stuck: you have to close Odin and end its related processes (you can do that by accessing Task Manager – press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard hotkeys); you also have to disconnect your smartphone by removing the USB cord; you must force-restart your Samsung Galaxy J7; you need to reinstall your phone’s drivers on your computer; you must repeat the guidelines explained above.

If you end up in experiencing a boot loop (that can happen during the last reboot that must be applied): you need to make a hard reset and clear app data cache – so, go to recovery mode on your Android device (press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons together) and afterwards, by using the main menu of recovery choose ‘wipe data factory reset’ followed by ‘wipe cache partition’; in the end, reboot your handset.

There you have it. Those are the steps that must be followed if you want to successfully update the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 with the official Android Nougat based May 2018 Security patch. If you have questions or if we can further assist you, don’t hesitate and contact us by using the comments field available below. Enjoy and stay close for further tutorials and other similar update opportunities available for your device.

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