Samsung has just released the official Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich LPY update and if you don't want to or can't update your Samsung Galaxy Note through Kies or OTA, then here's a guide to do it manually. It doesn't matter if you are on a Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, neither if it's official or unofficial. Our guide will work anyway. It only matters that your Galaxy Note is N7000, because we haven't tested the ROMs on any other Galaxy Note versions and it may not work.

The new Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy Note comes with tons of improvements, along with the ones present on Google's stock Android ICS. It brings new S Pen apps, like the S Note, Shape March and My story, with more being available in the S Choice marketplace. This ROM comes with the TouchWiz launcher, but you can easily download another one from the market and we recommend either Apex or Nova.

We've tried this update from both Gingerbread and custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs and it worked without a flaw. But please note that there is a risk whenever you flash ROMs on your device, so you have to take care and don't do any mistake.

Before starting, you have to make sure you follow the requirements:

  • Your battery has to be charged to at least 50%.
  • You must have USB debugging enabled ( head over to Developer Options in order to enable it ).
  • You need the latest ADB drivers on your computer, if you are going to flash it with PC Odin. To get the latest drivers you will have to install Kies.

There are two methods of flashing this ROM and the one we recommend is with Mobile Odin, because it's the most simple one and it will also maintain your root, unlike the PC Odin.

You will also have to backup your device, because there is a risk that you will lose your data during the update.

Backup Samsung Galaxy Note

Rooted guide

If your device is rooted and you have CWM installed, then you can either perform a Nandroid backup to save absolutely everything from your device. But if you only want to save contacts, SMS messages, call logs and file, then head to the not rooted guide.

To perform a nandroid backup open either the CWM app on your device or reboot into recovery mode ( shut down the device and then turn it on by pressing the volume up + home + power buttons simultanously ).

If you want to use the ClockworkMod app, launch it, go to Backup, pick a name and then start the backup.

To make a backup from the recovery, go to backup & restore, select backup and press start.

Before making a backup make sure that you have enough space on your device. A backup should need over 900MB.

Not rooted guide

If your device is not rooted and do not want to root it, then you can use some apps to backup your data.

Sync your contacts with the Gmail account and they will be restored automatically when you login to the Google account again.

Use SMS Backup and Restore to save your SMS messages and Call Log Backup and Restore for your call logs. Any files should be copied to the SD card, being it internal or external. Apps and app data cannot be saved without root unfortunately.

Update Galaxy Note to official ICS with Mobile Odin

Updating with Mobile Odin is definitely the most simple and best way to do it. But Mobile Odin requires root, so if you don't have it rooted and don't want to root it, then you have to choose PC Odin. If you want to root it, here's a guide.

Like it said, flashing the official ICS update with Mobile Odin is very easy. First you have to download and install Mobile Odin from here and then download the LPY ROM here. After you download the LPY file, extract it and copy it on your Galaxy Note.

Then launch Mobile Odin, grant it super user permissions, open the extracted file and choose only if you want to wipe data or not. Wiping data is not mandatory, but recommended. After that just tap "Flash" without changing any other options. After it finishes the installation your phone will boot and it will still be rooted, but you will not have ClockworkMod Recovery anymore. To flash ClockworkMod recovery, read our guide here, it's extremely easy to do it.

Update your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to official Ice Cream Sandwich with PC Odin

Flashing the update with the PC Odin doesn't require root access to your device, though you will need an Windows PC. First download Odin 1.85 here and then the official LPY ICS ROM here.

Then you will have to prepare for the installation, like I said earlier in this article. If you are sure everything is ready, open Odin 1.85 and select the downloaded file as PDA. After that make sure the Galaxy Note is disconnected from your computer, reboot it in download mode ( shut it down, then press volume down + home + power buttons simultaneously ). Now you can connect it to your computer and a yellow box "ID:COM" should appear. If it doesn't, you have to check the requirements again. If it does, you can press Start and wait until the update finishes.

Once the updated is done, you will be running on the LPY official Ice Cream Sandwich, but your device will not be rooted. If you want to get root access and ClockworkMod Recovery, read out guide here on how to do it with PC Odin.


Mudassir · 7 years ago

our problem is samsung galaxy not us not open..i think my software is gone through any update or any thing other thing...and now my problem is that my phone is not open... if you have any other solution to get backup of my phone or any other procedure to get my data from my phone...b.coz my phone is not open right please help us...

???????? ????? · 7 years ago

How long does it usually take to update?

Qi Xin Yeong · 7 years ago

i received installing file via phone updates link to android 4.0.... after that the phone habe to be rebooted..but it show android logo with a loading bar...and nothing happen eventhough the loading bar is finished running.....i restart. and same screen appeared..pls teach me how to

Mustasusi · 7 years ago

Oh no! I installed the update from Odin mobile and now it's showing the SAMSUNG logo and nothing is happening for 3 hours already. It isn't supposed to take that long, is it? Did I possibly brick my device? Please help me!!!!!!

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

Try to pull the battery and flash it again. Otherwise flash a gingerbread ROM with Odin and then try it again.
You can find some here:

felix · 7 years ago

How will I be able to flash back the original firmware? I'm was on the UK GB ROM?

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

Yes, you will.

tyler · 7 years ago

thank you very much done it pc way all may data still on phone but now ics lovin it

Bong · 7 years ago

Will this void the warranty of my phone? Will I be able to revert it back to the stock version should I see any problem? Will I still be able to receive and update to the latest firmware from Samsung over the air?

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

No, it will not void the warranty. And yes, you will be able to flash an original firmware thereafter and continue receiving OTA updates.

Vanessa Page · 7 years ago

Is there anyway to get it on an i717??

Rajesh · 7 years ago

The link to download the LPY ROM is not working. Im using Mac. It opens in a different window and says Your download expired.

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

I just tested it and it works. Please try again.

Shawn · 7 years ago

The link to download the LPY ROM is not working. I tried using a mac and pc, no luck. It opens in a different window and says "Your download expired. Try again."

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

It's fixed now, sorry for the issue.

playstat · 7 years ago

link for dowload is expired

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

We just updated the link and it now works.

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