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Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to ParanoidAndroid ICS 4.0.4 Tablet Hybrid CM9

The Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 has just gotten an official Ice Cream Sandwich update, but it lacks many of the features present in the other custom ROMs. And what it lacks most is a tablet mode, which is excellent for a device its size.

ParanoidAndroid is probably the most beautiful custom ROM for the Galaxy Note and it sports a Hybrid mode, which combines the phone UI with the Tablet UI and it works flawlessly. It’s definitely the fastest ROM for the Galaxy Note and from our tests it works even faster than the official XXLPY firmware. ParanoidAndroid is based on CyanogenMod 9, which has proven to be a very stable and good ROM.

Updating your Galaxy Note N7000 to ParanoidAndroid is really easy, though you have to be running on Gingerbread in order to flash it. But don’t worry, because we will teach you how to easily downgrade your Galaxy Note to Gingerbread very easily.

Please note that flashing custom ROMs can brick or damage your device and you might also lose the warranty. We can not be held responsible for any damages you cause to your device.

Before flashing anything on your Galaxy Note N7000, you should always backup your device, because your data might be lost or corrupted. Please follow our guide before flashing the update.

After that you will be able to start flashing the update. If you are on an ICS ROM you will have to downgrade your device to Gingerbread or flash a Gingerbread kernel. Otherwise just proceed to update your device.

Backup Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Backing up the contacts, SMS messages, applications and files is very easy. You will just have to use the following apps and methods: AppBack to backup and restore applications | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore.

In order to backup your files, copy them to the SD card, being it internal or external, because it won’t be affected in any way.

Downgrade Galaxy Note to Gingerbread ROM or Kernel

If you are running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM you will have to downgrade to either a Gingerbread ROM or Kernel. This can be easily done with Odin.

First download the KJ1 Gingerbread ROM here or AbyssNote kernel here. Then download Odin 1.85 here.

Now extract the downloaded files, launch Odin and select the extracted file as PDA.

Your device should be disconnected from your computer. Turn off the device and boot in download mode ( press home key + volume up + power buttons simultaneously ). Now connect the device to your computer and press Start. But make sure you didn’t change any other settings in Odin.

If you have any problems or the yellow ID:COM box doesn’t appear, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You need USB Debugging activated. To activate it go to Settings > Developer Tools and check “USB Debugging”.
  • You need the latest ADB drivers. To get them you will have to install Kies and update it to the latest version.
  • Kies and any antivirus software or firewalls should be deactivated because they might interrupt the update.

Update Samsung Galaxy Note to ParanoidAndroid Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4

If you are currently using a Gingerbread ROM you can update your Galaxy Note directly to the ParanoidAndroid custom ROM. All you need is root access to your device. If your device is rooted, continue with the update. Otherwise follow our guide here to root it.

Download the ParanoidAndroid custom ROM here and Hybrid Gapps here.

Reboot your device in recovery mode by pressing home button + volume up + power buttons simultaneously. Go to Wipe data / factory reset to wipe your device. Please note that this will wipe your contacts, apps and anything you might have installed on your current ROM.

Then go to Install zip from SD card > Choose zip from SD card and choose the ParanoidAndroid ROM. After that go again to Install zip from SD card > Choose zip from SD card and flash the Hybrid Gapps.

Once it finishes, reboot your device and wait until it boots. Now you should be running ParanoidAndroid with Hybrid tablet mode.

If the status bar is missing, long press the power button and tap on “Toggle StatusBar”. Everything should be just fine now.

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