The Android 4.1.2 has been released and now the AOKP team managed to incorporate it in their AOKP Nightlies builds, which means that you can use this guide to learn how to successfully flash the JB 4.1.2 Build 5 of AOKP on your Galaxy S I9000 International variant.

AOKP JB Build 5 is based on the latest Android firmware and it fixes bugs, errors and tweaks all the other functions of your smartphone. Also, there are some new features that are for the first time present in an AOKP release. Updating your device is easy and if you're planning of doing a clean flash then you will have to read the guidelines below to learn how to backup your most important files. If you're already running the AOKP JB build 4 then you can skip the preparation info and move directly to the tutorial.

The installation of this new Android Open Kang Project custom ROM shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and in case you hit any roadblocks then you should tell us in comments and we will come up with a solution. Also, it seems like this update is the first one that AOKP and CyanogenMod teams worked together and you might see some CM-based features present. Make sure that you read the entire tutorial and only when you're sure that you want this update, you should begin the installation.

Here's what you need to know if you're planning of doing a clean install of the AOKP JB Build 5:

  • Only the Galaxy S model number I9000 will work with this guide. Do not attempt to flash the custom ROM on any other smartphone. As you know, the model number of your smartphone can be verified by going through Settings and then checking the info under 'About device'.
  • The SGS I9000 has to be on a rooted firmware and running CWM Recovery.
  • Move all important files to your device's internal SD card or on your PC. The tutorial will not delete the contents of the internal phone storage, but it will delete the installed apps, SMS and other info that is normally stored on the system partition. Use the following tools if you wish to save installed apps list, SMS, Call Logs and APN Internet Settings: SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore | AppBack for Android. Note that some of these apps require root access.
  • Also, sync your Gmail with Contacts so that you won't lose all the saved phone numbers and contacts details.
  • It is recommended for you to make a full NANDROID backup of the existing ROM. This file can be used in case the new ROM doesn't work or you cannot complete the update and the device doesn't boot normally. Create the ROM backup using ROM Manager, ROM Toolbox apps or the CWM Recovery mode.
  • Remember that we cannot be held responsible in case you cannot complete the update. We won't be responsible if the phone gets bricked in the process as that is something that depends on the files that you've previously used to flash on it.
  • If you want to restore your device to a stock ROM then you should click the device name ( the link under this post's featured photo ) and you will find numerous guides that will tell you exactly how to do a restore.
  • Make sure that you don't skip any steps that I have listed in the tutorial, as that will result in a failed attempt of installing this new custom ROM.

These were all the guidelines you had to read before moving to the how-to guide. Use the comments field in case you cannot understands some of the actions listed below.

How to flash AOKP JB 4.1.2 Build 5 on Samsung Galaxy S I9000:

  1. Download the custom ROM zip from HERE. Save it on your PC desktop and don't extract its contents.
  2. Now download the Gapps for Jelly Bean zip file from HERE. Get the version for Jelly Bean and not those other files for ICS or Gingerbread.
  3. Move both these files on your phone's internal SD card via USB cable. After the transfer is finished you should disconnect the PC from your smartphone.
  4. Power off the Galaxy S I9000. Boot it into CWM Recovery by pressing at the same time the following buttons: volume up + home + power. Release the buttons only when the screen powers ON.
  5. You can select 'wipe data/ factory reset' in order to perform a clean install. If you're planning a dirty flash, then your device should be running a previous AOKP Jelly Bean official custom ROM, as otherwise you are required to apply the factory reset process. When the data is deleted you can move to the next step.
  6. Select 'install zip from sdcard' and from the new menu select 'choose zip from sdcard'. Find the AOKP JB build 5 zip and confirm that you want to install it.
  7. After the ROM is installed you should select again the 'choose zip from sdcard' option and browse for the Google Apps zip. Confirm the installation. When both the ROM and the Gapps zips are successfully flashed, you should return to the main recovery screen.
  8. Select 'reboot system now' and now your Galaxy S device will restart. It performs its first boot process with this new custom Android OS and this shouldn't take longer than 4-5 minutes.
  9. When all boot files are loaded successfully, the homescreen of AOKP / Android 4.1.2 hybrid screen will appear. Enter your Google account details and the you will take control over your device.
  10. That should do it, your phone has been updated with the latest AOKP JB Build 5 custom ROM.

In case you cannot complete the tutorial or the first boot process takes too long to complete, then you should power off the phone and remove its battery. Re-insert the battery back to its place and then try to repeat the entire tutorial starting with step 4 and make sure that you 'wipe data/ factory reset' it.

However, if there are any problems with CWM Recovery that cannot flash the files then you should restore a stock Android / Samsung firmware and after that you can try to re-root the device. Then, you can re-try to flash the AOKP JB Build 5 custom ROM files.

Post all the bugs and errors you might find in our comments field below.

Nacho Barletta · 6 years ago

Hi Guys.
After installing this version on my phone, the touchscreen doesn't work at all. Please, I need help!

sfr · 6 years ago

you're awesome!!

Marek Gambá? Primus · 6 years ago

In this version is not possible use *#0011# for network information and other code like *#1234# atc. Do you know where is problem or which version support it?

gowiththeflow · 6 years ago

After updating my firmware I seem to have lost the ability to receive and hear incoming calls. Also if I dial out there is no sound/apparent connection. Any ideas? I am a bit of a novice so it may well be something I've done...any help would be great!!

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