Finally, an XDA developer managed to create a fully working Android 4.0 ROM based on CyanogenMod 9 and now you can install it on your Galaxy S Plus model number I9001. Use the instructions that I've listed in this post and you will learn how to successfully flash the new custom ROM ICS right on your device without too much trouble.

This new ROM is based on the CM9 and it means that is is AOSP and something like the 3G video calling will not work, unless you will use Skype or other similar tools. Also, it has been confirmed that the FM Radio isn't working and there is no solution to make it work. These are all the problems that you might have with this ICS CM9 custom ROM and if you wish to correctly install it, then you will have to read the preparation guide below to learn how to backup your most important files such as SMS, Phone Contacts, data files etc.

CM9 ICS custom ROM has been created by 'ivendor' and it packs all CyanogenMod functions and features. Also, note that by updating with this ROM, your device's overall performance will be improved but this will take a toll on its battery cycle as from now on it will drain faster since the ICS ROM requires more power to run smoothly. However, there shouldn't be a huge difference since Gingerbread. Use the comments and tell us how is smartphone working with this new ROM.

Preparation guidelines:

Before we can begin the installation of CM9-based Android 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM on your Galaxy S Plus I9001, you will have to read the guidelines below:

  • Install the files you'll find in this article only on the Samsung Galaxy S Plus model number I9001. Do not attempt to install this new ROM on the I9003, I9000 nor or any other Android devices, as you will end up bricking them. Check your device's model number by opening Settings and then scroll to 'About phone' menu and there you will have it.
  • The tutorial will ask you to wipe data from your phone and this means that all the important files stored on your device should be transferred onto its internal or external sdcard. These two will be left unchanged by the update process and no data stored on them will get lost. Alternatively you can choose to move the files on your computer using the USB data cable.
  • Your phone should be rooted before starting to update to this new ROM and the TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery installed on it. We will use TWRP Recovery instructions in this post.
  • To backup applications, SMS, Call Logs and the APN Internet Settings use the following tools: AppBAK for Android apps backup | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore.
  • It would be best if you'd use ROM manager or the custom recovery image mode to create a full backup of the ROM that you have currently installed on your smartphone. This backup will prove to be useful in case you don't like the new ROM or in case this new one runs slow.
  • Sync the Phone Contacts app with your Gmail account and you won't lose any of the stored phone numbers.
  • Enable USB Debugging option from your smartphones' Settings menu.
  • Charge the phone's battery so that it won't power OFF during the installation of CM9 custom ICS custom ROM.
  • Remove the 'SIM card lock'  by opening 'Settings' then select 'Location and Security' and disable the 'SIM card lock' option by unticking its checkbox. If it is already unticked then you should leave it as it is and move to the next step.
  • This tutorial is only for advanced Android users and you shouldn't apply it if you don't know your way around custom recovery images. We won't be blamed in case your device gets damaged during the updating process. You are installing this new custom ROM at your own risk and if you have any troubles completing the installation then you should ask for help in comments.

Now that you've read all of the above, I think you're ready to move to the tutorial guide. Make sure that you don't skip any of the steps that I have listed below, as that will result in a failed attempt of updating the phone and it means that you will be forced to repeat the entire tutorial multiple times until you do manage to install this CM9 based ICS ROM on your Galaxy S Plus.

How to install CM9 ICS custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S I9001 Plus:

  1. Download the CM9 based custom ROM from HERE. Save the file on your PC and don't extract its contents.
  2. Download Google Apps zip for CM9 / ICS from HERE. Save it on your computer and leave it as it is.
  3. Now that you've downloaded these two files above, you should move them on your phone's internal SDcard. Do it using the USB cable and dropping the files on the root of the internal sdcard; it is the first folders menu that opens when the phone connects to your PC.
  4. After the transfer is complete, you should disconnect the phone from PC and power it OFF. Boot into TWRP Recovery mode or in CWM Recovery mode. Both are working with these files. We will use TWRP. Enter custom Recovery mode by pressing 'volume up' and 'power' buttons at the same time and when the Samsung logo appears you should press the Menu button to load recovery mode.
  5. When in recovery mode you should first use the 'Backup' option to save the existing ROM. In case you already have a full backup of your currently installed ROM then you can skip this step.
  6. Select 'wipe' and then 'factory reset' and confirm that you want to wipe all data. Remember that this won't delete the internal sdcard, so you're safe and the files downloaded at steps 1 and 2 will be left unchanged.
  7. Now select 'Install' and after that browse for the 'CM9 ICS custom ROM' zip file. It is the file downloaded at step 1 and moved on your device's internal sdcard at step 3. Install this file.
  8. When the ROM was successfully flashed you should repeat step 7 in order to install the 'Gapps' file. This will install the Google Apps that your phone needs. With these apps you will gain full control over the ICS Android 4.0 ROM.
  9. When the installation of both the ROM and the Gapps files is complete, you should select 'Reboot system'. Now your device will restart and this first boot process into the new CM9 ICS custom ROM will take at least 5 minutes to complete.
  10. After the first boot loads you will be taken to the new ICS welcome screen and you should enter your Google account details to take control over your phone's functions.

NOTE: If the first boot process takes over 15 minutes to complete, then the update wasn't correctly installed and you should re-apply all the steps listed above, as you might have skipped some of the steps that I have listed. Eventually you should manage to install this new ROM. If you cannot complete the install then you should tells us in comments and we will try to help you.

I hope that you found this guide helpful and that now your Galaxy S Plus I9001 is running the CM9 ICS ROM.

Do not attempt to restore applications backups, only use AppBak tool to see which apps were installed before you applied this new ROM. Restoring the applications' backup files will make the ROM unusable. Also, if you have trouble with this ROM you should restore the full backup ROM file that you created before moving to this tutorial.

For any other questions use the comments filed at the end of this post and I'm sure that you'll be given a solution to your problems.

Budin Mat Isa · 5 years ago

i all ready install cm9... but google play store not working... what to do

splus great · 6 years ago

I have tried this method. it works well with my i9001. All you need to do is follow the steps. Use the CWM recovery, and its settle. What i do is i install it one by one. first the ics, then reboot. have a look at it first. then recovery again, and install gapps. works well for me. Thanks so much

Veli Prehti · 6 years ago

Hello! Have been using this for a month now and I love it! With overclocked (1,8Ghz) kernel it works so smooth. I have only one problem. When I charge phone fully and leave it to charge (obviously when sleeping) it keeps 100% for about half an hour and then starts to discharge the battery. Is this some kind of "feature" or bug? It's annoying when you wake up and have only like 70% of battery.. When charging phone off, it keeps the 100% so it's definetly the ROM. Can this be fixed?

Kev · 6 years ago

my phone went blank after installing the 1st file... WTF

Niwla · 6 years ago

Tnx! First time I tried it took more than 15 minutes so I tried again and it works! Only the play store is missing. Still trying to fix that..

rinku · 6 years ago


I have very big
problem. i hope u can help me plz. i am using samsung galaxy s plus
GT-I9001. i just follow those steps below.....

1. put the rom and gapps on your phone(not sdcard)
2. boot in recovery(volume up+power button) with recovery-clockwork- wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition install zip from sdcard->choose zip from sdcard and than the cm9 rc2 rom. after that gapps.
5.go back and select reboot system now.

after that my mobile just go in boot menu again and again clockwork-


buso · 6 years ago

did you fix it? i have the same proble, please share the solution

Veli Prehti · 6 years ago

I did as they told at the bottom of this quide and it worked:

rinku · 6 years ago

i have only CWM recovery boot screen after reboot it come again and again.................plz maikle HELP ME PLZ.......

David Cleners · 6 years ago

My phone totally fucked up. The only thing i get is Cyanogen logo with flashing background. All ready try to install my older version but its gone. Thanks for this crap need to buy new phone!!!

Lee Hanlin Bernard · 6 years ago

why can't i open google play ??? It just keeps saying server error

raptor jd · 6 years ago

Me too.. is there any solution for it ???

rinku · 6 years ago

me u have any solution plz share

Lee Hanlin Bernard · 6 years ago

can i restore to the original android version? i still prefere the previous version

Goofy · 6 years ago

Very nice mod! except for the battery usage. It hardly lasts 1 day.

vikas choudhary · 6 years ago

i installed acc. to the steps cud not get any of the google apps not even play store....what 2 do????

rinku · 6 years ago

i have same problem........plz share me if u have any solution

zaky677 · 6 years ago

i had istalled ics 4.0.4 rom the camera doesnt i want to knw..does the camera work in dis?

hong · 6 years ago

Camera already working?

Edu · 6 years ago


Chris · 6 years ago

thanks for this tutorial. I did it like this and everything works well.
I did not want to risk this at first, but now I am happy with ICS.

Anonymous · 6 years ago

does the camera work?

Veli Prehti · 6 years ago

yes, very nicely

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