The Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos models are experiencing a wide range of bugs, but there is one that makes the device almost unusable as it doesn't offer more than 4 hours of screen-on-time.
Samsung has fixed the problem and it seems to work after installing the latest March firmware update.

There are tons of users of Galaxy S10 Exynos that have reported that their devices wouldn't last for more than 20 hours on a single complete charge, and that was because of a small bug which caused battery drainage faster than normal. This bug doesn't affect the Snapdragon Galaxy S10 models.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus were launched almost two months ago, and they are packing the following specs: Exynos 9820 for Europe and other regions, Snapdragon 855 for USA, Latin America and China, 8GB RAM, up to 512GB internal storage, triple ultra-wide cameras, LED flash, Dual Video call, HDR10+, Corning Gorilla Glass 6, 1440x3040 screen resolution, 6.1 inch Dynamic AMOLED display, 3400 mAh battery with fast 15W charging.

The new March Android 9.0 Pie Update should fix the battery draining problems, and you should install it as soon as the notification update alert shows up on your device.

All the problems encountered in this device are due to a "deep sleep bug" which makes the device use a ton of power even when its screen is turned off. This type of bug was present in older Android firmware editions, and it seems like it still likes to make the news even in 2019, after multiple new Android updates have been released for the Samsung phones.

Go to your Galaxy S10 Settings menu, open the Software Update menu and tap the "Download and Install" option. If a new firmware is ready for the download you should confirm the process and wait for the update to complete automatically.
Note that the update is being released in stages, and not everyone will get the new Android 9 firmware files at the same time as others. However, Samsung should release the new update for all Galaxy S10 Exynos users before the end of this month.

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