Being an old device, the Galaxy Tab 2 will no longer receive official OTAs from Samsung, which means that you won’t be able to test the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. That’s true only if you want to keep everything like in the book; but if you want to spice things up a little bit and play with the internal system of your tablet, you can choose to flash a custom ROM, which will ensure the Marshmallow system among other dedicated features, apps and capabilities.

Now, for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the CyanogenMod platform is currently the best option you can choose, if you want to flash a custom ROM. The new CM 13 release is based on AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and brings further features that cannot be found on the default version of the Android software. Through these dedicated features and in built settings you can then tweak your tablet in order to bump its speeds, upgrade the battery life, reduce the reboot / power on time and improve the general performances by optimizing the RAM usage and by customizing the Android UI.

Basically, with CM 13 installed, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 can run better and faster than before, while you will be able to use a stable and a smooth version of the Marshmallow firmware. However, do note that you might also find some minor software related issues along with all the other features and apps. The CM 13 software isn’t released by CyanogenMod, but by those of xda-developers, who managed to bring compatible Android 6.0 updates for all the Tab 2 models – as you will see below, you can download compatible ROMs for the Tab 2 7.0 with the version numbers of P3100, P3110 and P3113, and also for the Tab 2 10.1 with the version numbers of P5100, P5110 and P5113.

Before deciding whether to resume the guidelines from below or not, keep in mind that CM 13 is not an official Marshmallow update released by Samsung for your Galaxy Tab 2. The CM system is an unofficial ROM that is only based on the stock Android OS, but which comes with its own features, apps and UI. Moreover, the firmware is developed by third party devs and has nothing to do with Samsung or with Google. Bottom line, the result is that you will now lose the warranty of your tablet.

Thus, in a few words, starting from now, taking your device back to service will imply in paying for any technical assistance. That’s why, I usually recommend a dedicated troubleshoot solution through which you can resolve, by yourself, almost all the Android software related issues that might be caused on your tablet by this process or by other similar custom operations.

Moreover, since it is an unofficial operation which can be only manually completed, you first have to prepare a few things – the pre requisites will be explained below, so read all the lines from this tutorial before doing anything else.

Now, the best way in which you can avoid unpleasant situations from taking place is by making a Nandroid backup. This operation will save the current Android OS that powers your Galaxy Tab 2. Thus, if the CM 13 firmware will not run as expected, you will be able to use the Nandroid backup for going back to stock.

As mentioned, you can update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, only if you first take care of the pre requisites; all these preparation tasks are being detailed during the following list of tasks:

  • Root your Samsung branded device because a custom ROM such as CM13 can be successfully flashed only on an unlocked device – and gaining root access is the only way in which you can unlock the Android system that already runs on your tablet.
  • Install a custom recovery image on your device – use CWM or TWRP recovery if that’s possible. Through this environment you can make the Nandroid backup and you can also wipe the system and clear cache on your tablet (these operations are required during the Marshmallow update process). Also, through the custom recovery image you will finally flash the firmware file, so you cannot complete this guide without using CWM or TWRP recovery.
  • The Marshmallow update file and compatible Google Apps package must be first downloaded on a computer, so make sure you can use such a device, along with your tablet’s USB cord.
  • If you have problems while trying the download the mentioned files, temporarily turn off the security protection from your computer.
  • On your Galaxy Tab 2 you have to gain Developer Options: tap several times on Built Number, an option which is located at “menu – settings – about device”.
  • Moreover, on your handset check the USB Debugging option from the following path: “menu – settings – developer options”.
  • It is important to observe the battery status on your tablet. If the power left will be lower than 60%, a good idea will be to plug in the charger – skipping this process might put your Tab 2 in a danger place, as if your device will get turned off while you will try to update its system, different software related problems might be issued and you might end up with a bricked handset.

I mentioned something about a wipe. Yes, clearing the internal storage system of your tablet is a must or else the CM13 ROM can’t run properly. Thus, due to same reasons you can end up in losing everything that’s important for you. Of course, making a backup is therefore the operation that you must complete before doing anything else. So, sync your data with your own account, use other cloud storage platforms or download dedicated backup and restore apps from Google Play and save everything you might use afterwards – on your way, don’t forget about internet settings, EFS folder, contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, calendar info, saved passwords, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on.

That’s it; now you can safely resume the steps from down below.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (all models) to Android 6.0 Marshmallow with CM13 Custom ROM Firmware

  1. On your computer download the proper Android 6.0 M CM 13 firmware file for the version of your Galaxy Tab 2: for the Tab 2 7.0 with the version numbers - P3100 (here), P3110 (here) and P3113 (here), and for the Tab 2 10.1 with the version numbers - P5100 (here), P5110 (here) and P5113 (here).
  2. Don’t forget to download compatible Google Apps from this page.
  3. Now, save the update file and the Google Apps package on your desktop.
  4. Then, connect your Galaxy Tab 2 with your computer with the help of the USB cord.
  5. Transfer the downloaded files on your tablet and when done, remove the USB connection.
  6. Now power off your device and wait while the shut down process is completed.
  7. Next, enter recovery mode on your tablet.
  8. The first thing to do from recovery mode is to wipe the system. So, select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  9. Aferwards, go back to main menu of recovery and from there choose “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.
  10. Pick the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and install CM 13 on your Galaxy Tab 2.
  11. Then, repeat the last step and pick the Google Apps package and install the same on your device.
  12. When done, from main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.

That was all. You can now test the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS on your own Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Do check how CM 13 runs on your tablet and don’t forget to share your results with other users who might be interested in trying out this dedicated step by step guide.

Remco · 1 week ago

I get the error: E:failed to verify whole-file signature + E: signature verification failed
What do i do wrong?
I have tried all files for the 5100
Thank you for your help

Manole · 3 days ago


Did you found how to fix the problem? I face the same.

Sjors · 2 weeks ago

Just updated my Damdung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from 4.2.2 to Marshmallow 6.0 without any problems. You just need to read the instructions and reserve about one hour for the procedure.

jubert barroso · 1 month ago

Pls helf me iwant adte my samsunh galaxy tab2 android 6.0 marshmalo thanks you so much

Godfred · 1 month ago


osman kunt · 1 month ago

galaxy tab2 has no sd card slot so how can i install from sd card

Vhenz · 1 month ago

It simply,,u just connect your tab on ur laptop or computer.

Frank Vogel · 2 months ago

Today just followed the clear instructions om my Tab 2 10.1 p5110.
installation went very well but now, as i try to download a few extra add ons the tab2 reboots when it gets a little busy. Is this a known issue? or do i have to do some tweaking? and if so, what/where to go?

srd48 · 3 months ago

Our Tab2 10.1 GT-P5113 running the last official Lollypop 4.2.2 is
no longer compatible with many new apps. I see lots of methods to upgrade/reflash the O.S. ROM to 6.0 Marshmallow or even
Nougat 7. Given the slower CPU and memory of the old P5113, are any of
these upgrades worth it? (I'm computer-literate but would probably pay a
shop to perform the upgrade.) Considering the risk/reward trade-off,
should I just buy my wife a new tablet? She want's to watch TV on her
Southwest Airlines flights, but their new app needs Android 5 or higher What do you experts think?


Tonyyyyyyyy · 3 months ago

Buy a amazon kindle fire hd for 49.99 when they run on sale

Tony Mota · 6 months ago

everything seems to have gone smooth however about device is still saying its 4.2.2 ? am i not completed yet?

Diszting Valér · 1 year ago

5. Transfer the downloaded files on your tablet..
9. choose “install zip from SD card”

WTF? Are the files on the tablet or on the SD card?

Saurabh Aggarwal · 1 year ago

Installed cm. . But gapps failed to install. I installed Android 6. Any suggestions?

Svetislav Nikolic · 1 year ago

Is it posible to upgrade to CM14 on Tab 2 P5110?

Svetislav Nikolic · 1 year ago

just installed on Tab 2 P5110, followed the instructions and installed perfectly

Rene A · 1 year ago

Worked like a charm! I know I am a bit late hahaha........but just didn't have the urge earlier. So, now I fixed this, I can upgrade to higher version now with my Tab 2 10.1 P5100?

Eljo Dedor · 1 year ago

Works nicely in a GT 2 3113, i already had in Android 5.1 from two years ago, but totally forgot the process to install the android 6, i update the TWRP from 2.8 to 3.0 at once in the process

Francisco · 1 year ago

I have an P3110, i installed the cm13 zip file with no problem, but when i was installing the gapps files, the file installation was aborted.
Anyone had the same problem? Can anyone help me please

Ahmad eljhawi · 1 year ago

hi , thank you for post .
the system told me faild signature varification

what should do now ?

Hoàng Vi?t Ph?m ?inh · 1 year ago

It has been half an hour since i completed the last sreboottep, but why my device hasn't rebooted yet?

XXXTentacion · 1 year ago


XXXTentacion · 1 year ago

I did it, but now my sim card tray isnt working, HELP?

go the mighty all blacks · 1 year ago

just installed on Tab 2 P5100, followed the instructions and installed perfectly

Timmmmah · 1 year ago

I have a P3113 and everything appears to have successfully installed but it keeps looking to "preparing Google App" screen. I've tried turning it off and on and tried to get it to go into download mode but am not having any luck doing anything except looping. Any help would be appreciated.

Pedro Oliveira · 1 year ago

I'm getting error on wipe cache partition as well as installing the CM13 firmware... I think the second one is related to the first one..

While formating the cace partition aka WIPE CACHE PARTITION, I got the error "!Error"... Do anyone have any idea how to fix it?

Andre Ware · 2 years ago

Hi, I have an old verizon galaxy tab 2 that I'd like to update. I did it once with an HP TouchPad, so thought I could do it again. Some people I spoke to said it can't be done on the combination of device & version I have. Can someone please take a look and tell me if it can be done following the directions above (I rooted the device using Kingroot and would be continuing on from there. Here are my specs. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Model: SCH-i705
Android Version: 4.1.2
Baseband Version: I705VRBMI1
Kernel Version: 3.0.31
Build Number: JZO54K.I&)%VRBMI1
Hardware Version: I705.03

jake · 2 years ago

can't see the zip file in recovery mode..........

chris · 2 years ago

works great thanks alot very simple as i already rooted my device

computerterry · 2 years ago

Is there a P3113 version? That's what my Galaxy Tab 2 is. I tried the P3110 package, keep getting E:Failed to verify whole-file signature. Downloaded the package from two different mirrors. Any clues??

M.A. · 1 year ago

I am having the same issue and can't find a solution for this...

Diszting Valér · 1 year ago

same here

syariful · 2 years ago

Does anyone succes with the gt-p3100 ?

Dudefoxlive · 2 years ago

so i followed this guide a long time ago but noticed something happened to my tablet and i am not sure if it was the unofficial os or if it is my hardware that has failed. After installing the ROM on the tablet everything worked perfectly but when i attempt to charge the tablet it charges but i can no longer use the tablet and have it charge at the same time and charging time has increased BIG TIME. it started happening after i installed this ROM. even after restoring to stock i still have this problem. has anyone else had this problem and if not can someone please help me?

Veltmouse · 2 years ago

So, I succesfully installed CM13 and am very happy with the layout, BUT is it normal for this version to constantly reboot my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wifi?? The slightest moment something is loading and is lacks / freezes my p5100 reboots. Drives me nuts... Any advice would be appreciated... thanks

Conny Lindquist · 2 years ago

What if I get verification of file failed. Is it the SD card that sucks? Or the transfer from the PC to the TAB? MD5 is ok on the PC.

Trina · 2 years ago

Thank you! It worked out perfectly for me. :D I was new to all these stuffs and had to do a lot of google research but this guide is detailed enough for me not to brick the tab

Dennis Painter · 2 years ago

What does Device=Expresso-common mean? Error: 7

Taina · 2 years ago

Thanks - this worked great (GT 2 P3110)!

EDIMAR · 2 years ago

The only combination that really works for my P5110 tablet was Clockworkmod with the compilation cm-13.0-20160222-2140-UNOFFICIAL-p5110

Stephen · 1 week ago

All I can say at this point is SUCK IT!

Suraj · 2 years ago

I was using android 4.4.4. On my Samsung tab 2 p3100, now I installed marshmallow but it runs good until I connect to wifi. I tried wiping and reinstalling but it always reboot. Any suggestion.

zalrd · 2 years ago

if i do it, will my data on extcard erased?

nesa · 2 years ago

Great instructions and also links work, Thanks alot. I had challenges with Gapps installation ( error 7, and later instal wizard has stopped.....) , with and after few iteratations it strated to work. I reinstalled and remembered to apply at final stage also root acces on cmw recovery, that maybe helped me. Thanks and long live GTP-3110 :)

Jake Duncan · 2 years ago

I had problems installing the gapps, but the ROM worked fine for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113. I used the GT-P3110 ROM and it worked fine. One note, since the only ROM is for the P3110 and none for P3113, you will have no support for your IR Blaster, so if that is something you rely on, I would not flash this ROM.

Walter · 3 years ago

Didn't work for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113... It just appeared as the same Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

Walter · 3 years ago

Also it said "Update from External Storage", not "Install from SD Card", but I managed to select it.

yara dijkstra · 3 years ago

mine doesn't want to install the marshmallow package, it just stops
what do i have to do to make it work?

Jon · 3 years ago

Which is better, CWM orTWRP?

Steven Parker · 3 years ago

This tutorial worked for me with a P3110, thanks!

Emmanuel Agung Wicaksana · 3 years ago

i've already try it.
but booting taking so long.....
on blue logo....
on optimizing....

then stuck.........
cant go to os...

Dariusz Maciejewski Fotograf · 3 years ago

You have to install TWRP 3.0.1 to install gapps.
First install TWRP by opin whith PC, then update inside TWRP to version 3.0.1. Now you ready to install CW13 and gapps 6.0.
Good luck

Christian Claverol · 3 years ago

ok, i did what your tutorial said, i can install marshmallow 6 on my galaxy tab2 p3113, but the gapps package won't install, your link for the gapps works but they cant be installed, i've download several gapps package and neither of those wont installed too.... so, any hint or clue what to do now? any gapps package that could work and could be installed???

Stephen · 1 week ago

Here's what to do...

Take your Galaxy Tab 2 and throw it in the trash. That should do it.

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