Finally, the Motorola Xoom users are getting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS update for their beloved tablet. If you haven’t apply the update yet I will help you out by explaining this new tutorial in which you will be able to learn how to manually install the ICS 4.0.4 firmware on your Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom device. As stated, the software can be flashed only on the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom, so don’t try to do the same on another tablet or handset because you can damage its system, or worse you can wreck it.

This operation was tested by the xda-developers, so we have them to thank; also don’t forget Google who recently updated AOSP repository with the Android 4.0.4 source code, the present firmware being based on this version of the source code. The ICS 4.0.4 OS is bringing important features and enhancements for improving the performances of your Android based device therefore getting it is no longer an option for you.

Once you apply the update, you will be able to experience the latest version of the Android platform. The new OS has been customized and optimized; the battery life is improved, you will gain more speed, the camera is having new features and capabilities and the looks are now more impressive. Furthermore, there have been added new apps into the system. As you can see you have all the reasons for completing the preset operation.

The best part is that installing the ICS 4.0.4 firmware on your Xoom will not make you void the Motorola warranty. This update is coming straight from Motorola, so there are no negative aspects. This means that applying the same will not root your device. Also, unfortunately, if you previously rooted the Xoom, now the rooting access will be revoked. In order to regain access over the tablet internal system and unchain it from the factory restrictions you will have to find a new rooting procedure that suits the new OS. Stay close as we will come with such a how to guide in the shortest time possible.

Before beginning   you need to make sure that you have access to a Windows / Linux / MAC running computer, to your tablet and to its USB cord. Finlay, read the below listed and complete the same:

  • The data stored on your device might be wiped out. Backup all you need to from the tablet. These processes are erasing the info, apps, messages, contacts, so you can lose personal information.
  • You must be sure that the battery power is enough for providing power during the whole operation. So, as a recommendation, there should be minimum 70% power left.
  • The security tools, or Firewall programs from the PC and from the tablet must be deactivated before commencing.
  • Enable the USB debugging in your tablet. Just go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.

That being said you can now start the proper tutorial. Read carefully and make sure you follow exactly like explained in the steps. Don’t skip parts from the guide as you can wreck your device.

How to Update the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom tablet with ICS 4.0.4 Firmware

  1. For the first thing to do, you must get the firmware. Go here and download the ICS 4.0.4 ICS Package. Place it to your computer.
  2. Connect the tablet with the PC by using the USB cord.
  3. Copy the file downloaded in step 1 from the computer to your device. Ensure that you are not placing the file deep into your tablet.
  4. Disconnect the Xoom from the PC by removing the USB cable.
  5. Turn off the device.
  6. Reboot it by entering in recovery mode. This can be achieved by holding down the Volume Down button as soon as you see the Motorola logo (while you power it up normally).
  7. In the recovery mode menu choose “Flash Zip from SD Card” followed by “Choose Zip from sd card”. The file that contains the ICS firmware should be just there, pick it.
  8. If you are having problems in completing the previous step, clear the cache first, by choosing the “format cache” option.
  9. Once the installation procedure is done you will be back on the recovery mode menu.
  10. Here, select “+++go back+++” and then “reboot system now”.
  11. That’s it.

Now that you have learned how to install the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 firmware on your Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom tablet you can start enjoying the new OS. If somehow, something went wrong, or if you can’t complete one of the steps, share the issues with us and we will do all that we can in order to help you through.

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