Starting from now, the Sony Xperia Arc users will be able to enjoy the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean experience as a new custom ROM firmware has just been leaked. The same can be applied on the Arc, but only by following the present step by step guide. The ROM is dubbed as Paranoid and it is coming with the latest Jelly Bean features and Google apps available for updating and improving your Xperia Arc handset. This how to procedure will be compatible only with the already mentioned device so don’t try to complete it for similar Android based smartphones.

The update was developed and first tested on the Arc by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for this opportunity. As you may know there are no words about a future Jelly Bean OS suitable for this phone therefore if you want to receive and test the latest Android system, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. This means that this is not an official firmware released by Sony and it cannot be OTA installed. You will have to follow and complete a manual procedure which will take you through the installation operation. The guide is easy to follow and the steps easy to understand so you have nothing to worry about. Just read all the next lines for ensuring that your phone is in safe hands.

First of all, and before starting the proper tutorial, you must prepare your Xperia Arc for the update process. You will not be able to flash the Paranoid Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM on it unless you previously root the system. We are dealing with a beta software, so the root access must be granted. This implies in unchaining the Android system and in removing the factory restrictions which leads only to one thing: by rooting the Arc you will void the warranty. Be careful in what you do and always follow a step by step guide like the present one, don’t perform things by yourselves. The warranty can be restored but only by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by updating to an official update released by Sony and suitable with your Xperia Arc. After rooting the phone you must install a custom recovery image into the system, so take care of this too. In the end you can return here and resume the rest of the pre requisites.

Also, as you will see during the steps from below, a wipe of the system must be performed if you want to properly install the Paranoid Jelly Bean custom ROM on your Xperia Arc. Unfortunately, this operation will make you lose all of your personal info and data which is stored on your phone’s internal storage memory (the SD card will not be affected). The best way for preventing this is by making a backup operation first. This should be completed even before the root one, so let’s say that it should be the first thing to take care of. The backup task in not hard to handle as there are many ways in which you can save your data: you can use a computer, an SD card and several apps available for free from Google Play. You have some tips and how to guides below along with other pre requisites, so go and check them out.

  • Backup the text messages by downloading and installing SMS backup and restore apps for Android.
  • Save call logs by downloading suitable backup and restore apps.
  • If you want to save the contacts, then learn how to sync with your Google account.
  • Save internet settings.
  • If your phone is running a custom recovery image then you can learn how to backup the current ROM too.
  • Use a computer or SD card for saving files like images or videos.
  • After completing the backup, ensure that you are having access to a Windows running computer and to the handset USB cord.
  • On both computer and smartphone uninstall or deactivate the security tools, like Firewall and antivirus protection.
  • Then, on your Arc enable the USB debugging option: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • Charge the battery if there is less than 70% power left in the system.
  • Remember to unlock the bootloader, root and install a custom recovery image.

And with that we are done with the preparation procedures. You can now head to the proper steps. Read them carefully and try not to mess things up. Don’t apply the steps for similar devices, as this tutorial will work only for the Sony Xperia Arc smartphones.

How to Update Xperia Arc to Paranoid Jelly Bean 4.1.1Custom ROM

  1. On your PC download the update and the Google apps by using the below links.
  2. For the custom ROM the download link is here.
  3. The Google Apps can be downloaded from here.
  4. Then, take the USB cord and by using it connect your device with the computer.
  5. Select the downloaded files and copy them to your handset.
  6. Remove the USB cable for disconnecting the device.
  7. Turn the Arc off.
  8. Then reboot in recovery.
  9. To enter in recovery press and hold the Volume Down button while powering on the phone.
  10. From recovery you must choose to wipe the system; for this select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  11. Next, return to the recovery menu by selecting “+++go back+++”.
  12. For flashing the update select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”.
  13. Pick the update file first, install it and then do the same for applying the Google apps package.
  14. Don’t make any other changes just wait until the process ends.
  15. Finally, select “+++go back+++” and then “reboot system now”.

Well, that’s all guys as your Sony Xperia Arc is now running the latest Android OS, the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 platform. All this was possible thanks to the Paranoid custom ROM firmware which was successfully installed on your smartphone. If there were problems with the steps or with the pre requisites, share the issues with us by using the comments area from below and we will try to help you out. Stay close for further how to guides as we are updating you daily.

Nadim Awad · 5 years ago

I cant Enter the recovery mode even though my phone is rooted and has opened boot loader!! what can i do??

Darius · 5 years ago

This is a Cyanogen MOD?

Darius · 5 years ago

This update will be on " Sony PC Companion 2.1" ?

Darius · 5 years ago

I don't understand how run ROM, please take a video for install JB.

Luban · 6 years ago

First of all a correction. A step is missing - you need to flash boot image included in the rom (it needs to be extracted) first or you'll brick your phone as I did.
Second, JB is quite nice but size of the ROM is huge and leaves you with only 6MB of phone ROM free. You'll need to download all the apps like youtube, maps, facebook, clock widgets and so on which will fill your user space rather quickly.
The rom also lacks xperia features like xLoud, bravia engine, 3D camera... The camera included crashes every time you try to go to panorama mode.
I love the hybrid mode and JB has a lot of improvements on ICS but for me it's not a ROM I want to use.

iman · 6 years ago

i have the same problem as u had before. but how do u managed to unbrick ur phone? because i've tried a few things but my arc won't get into recovary mode. please help

haneef · 7 years ago

arcAfter dis update can my arc get official android future versions??

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