The Xperia Play users are finally getting an official update for their smartphones, as Sony just released the 4.0.2.E.0.57 firmware. You can get it OTA (Over the Air) but in case you haven’t received it, you can also learn how to manually download and install the software on your Play handset. If your smartphone is running a custom ROM then you will not get this update, so in case you want to regain the warranty, downgrade, or install an official firmware, then you will have to follow this step by step guide.

Being the official version of the software, you don’t have to gain root access over your device. This means that the warranty will not be void. Furthermore, if you have a rooted smartphone, after applying this update, the root access will be revoked. Also, the bootloader will be re-locked so you will have to perform the up mentioned operations again and by following suitable guides for the new OS. As you can see, there shouldn’t be any problems while trying to flash the 4.0.2.E.0.57 Gingerbread 2.3.4 ROM on your Xperia Play, as you will do it by the official way.

Take note that this is not an ICS update, though the version number is starting with 4.0.2. We are still dealing with Gingerbread as this is an improved version of the same. Unfortunately there are no words about an Android 4.0 release, so for getting the ICS experience on your Pay you will have to install a custom ROM into its system. Anyway, this Gingerbread improvement is coming with interesting features and bug fixes. The camera has been upgraded so you will be able to record video in 720p with continuous auto-focus (right trigger successfully captures a picture too). The other features added are detailed in the picture from below.

[caption id="attachment_4242" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="Features which will be added"]Features which will be added [/caption]

I will show you how to update the Xperia Play by using the OTA method as there is no way in which you can apply the manual method yet. We are working and hopefully we will come with a suitable guide in the following days. So, a backup is not required as the OTA procedure is not wiping the data out from your phone. But in case is want to be sure, you can download SMS backup and restore apps, Call log backup and restore apps and sync with your Google Gmail account for saving the contacts.

All you have to do is to charge the battery as your phone might turn off during the installation procedure. So, ensure that the battery status shows at least 60% of battery power. If different charge it first and then return and follow the steps from below. The operation is not hard to complete but in case you don’t know how to get and apply the 4.0.2.E.0.57 Gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware you will be just fine as all the info needed can be found during this tutorial. So, let’s get started.

How to Update Xperia Play with Official 4.0.2.E.0.57 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

  1. Take your phone and go to: “Settings -> Software Update -> Update Now ->Check for Updates”. In this way you can check if there is any update available for your device. Of course we are talking about official versions of firmware.
  2. You must have an Internet connection (preferable EDGE / 3G/ Wi Fi) enabled. Also be aware that data charges may apply. So, if you don’t like this aspect just wait until the manual method is developed.
  3. If there is any update available, download the same.
  4. Then, tap on “Apply Update”.
  5. Wait until your phone reboots.
  6. On the Install complete window click “ok”.
  7. You can now use the new firmware.

Remember that this is not the ICS update we are all expecting. It’s a Gingerbread update that comes with several features and bug fixes, which I have displayed above. Also, for applying the software manually, check our future how to guides as for now the OTA variant is the only one available; stay tuned, and share your thoughts with us and we will try to help you out. Until further releases, maybe it will be better for you to flash a custom ROM on your device, which will bring the ICS OS along with other powerful features, which will improve the performances of your Xperia Play smartphone.

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