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Google Nexus 10 Update

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Nexus 10 is a 10.1-inch stock Android-powered tablet co-developed by Google and Samsung and if you want to learn more about the Nexus 10 updates you arrived at the right place.

On our website you will be able to find official and unofficial Nexus 10 updates, so you will be able to take the most out of your tablet. Even though the Nexus 10 is always in the first wave of devices to receive new Android updates, there are lots of custom ROMs out there capable of bringing new features on your tablet and improve the Android experience.

There are a lot of advantages brought by official updates, too: while the incremental Nexus 10 updates arrive with new features, the minor updates are meant to fix bugs and issues that are affecting your device.

If you want to update your Nexus 10 with new firmwares or custom ROMs you can choose from any of the below tutorials. While the custom ROMs will require root access to your device (visit the root section of our website) and most of the times void the warranty, the official updates will bring the latest features on your Nexus 10 without altering the warranty status.

You should also know that after you update your Nexus 10 to an official ROM, you will lose the root access to your device most of the times.