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HTC Desire Update

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HTC Desire has been one of HTC’s best sellers and there are a lot of devices in use right now. Fortunately for its users, there are still many ROM updates coming and especially unofficial ones that come with many new and really useful features. If you want to make use of all your HTC Desire’s capabilties or got bored of your current firmware, then you really have a lot of updating options.

Please note that if you update to a custom ROM and root your device, the warranty will be void and we cannot be held responsible if anything happens. We have tested all the updates and we made sure they are safe, but you have to read our guides carefully and make sure you don’t skip any step.

Before you update your HTC Desire to a custom ROM, you have to root it and we do have guides for it too. In order to update the HTC Desire you have to choose a ROM from our list and then follow the guide really carefully.