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HTC One Update

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Launched in 2013, HTC One was the flagship smartphone of the Taiwan-based phone maker for the year. In order to take the most out of your HTC One you must keep it up to date with the latest software. The HTC One update section of our website will help you choose the right software for your smartphone, whether it’s an official, unofficial, or custom ROM.

Even though most smartphone makers choose to update their smartphones over-the-air sometimes it takes a while until new software is released to all users. Fortunately, you can also update your HTC One manually and you will find all the tutorials you need below.

If you are tired of HTC’s Sense UI you can choose one of the tutorials that teach you how to update your HTC One to custom ROMs. It’s worth mentioning that custom ROMs require root access to your HTC One (visit HTC One root section of our website for tutorials) and that in certain countries it they void your phone’s warranty.

The HTC One update tutorials below also teach you how to install official firmwares on your device, which, most of the times, restore the warranty once applied. Each HTC One update tutorial contains all the files needed in the process. Anyway, we cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage you do to your device during or after the update.