Almost a year and a half after Google announced KitKat, the folks at US Celluar thought it's about time to bring Android 4.4 to their RAZR M variant called Electrify M. With these being said, if you happen to own a Motorola Electrify M you should keep an eye on the notifications panel.

Motorola is one of the OEMs that bring speedy software updates, so we are going to blame this on US Cellular. For what it's worth, Verizon's Droid RAZR M got updated to KitKat about half a year after Google made the new firmware available. I remind you that Android 4.4 KitKat arrives with transparent status and nav bars, white status bar iconography, cloud printing, immersive mode, color emoji support, full screen album and movie art in the lock screen, a redesigned Location menu, and other such features. Of course, the update should also arrive bug fixes and improved system performance. You can find the more details about the Electrify M Android 4.4 KitKat update on US Cellular's website here.

Of course, the US Cellular Electrify M Android 4.4 KitKat OTA update is being pushed to users in phases, so you might not be able to grab it right away. When your device becomes eligible to receive the new firmware, you should be able to see a system update message in the notifications bar. Tap on it, choose 'Download now', wait until the download is completed, then tap 'Install now'. Your phone should reboot and flash the update. In case the system update notification failed to appear, you would also want to perform a manual check under Settings > About phone > System updates > Check now.

The KitKat update file could have weight of over 500 MB therefore it's recommended to download it using a WiFi network in order to avoid unwanted data charges. US Cellular also recommends to have battery charged at at least 50% so your phone doesn't turn off during the installation.

Do you own an Electrify M? Have you got the new update? Please let us know in comments.

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Schmied · 5 years ago

Just received my update 2 days ago. Not happy. Along with all of the things mentioned below now my blue tooth won't stay connected to my sync in my truck. Always have to go in and make it visible. This is a major set back not to mention safety. Has anyone else experienced this?

Rohit · 5 years ago

After downloading the OTA 634MB update, the Mobile restarts and without flashing the Kitkat update it gives an "Update failed" error. Can somebody tell me whats the remedy over it?

Jeff B · 5 years ago

How long does this update take? My phone has been down for hours. Now what?

karyn · 5 years ago

My notif and nav bar were transparent with jelly bean and and now they aren't after kitkat installed last night. The only time they are transparent in on lock screen. Now they are black and my screen doesn't have that beautiful huge look to it. Sad!

Rodney Hebner · 5 years ago

Got it last night. Nice upgrade. Easy. Somewhat fast. Didn't require me to clear off any space before installing. Phone much faster since upgrade, but that may be largely due to things being rebuilt and optimized for the new Android during and after install. All settings and data seemed to stay the same, except my Gmail new mail alert led color is now white (was green before). Can't speak on battery life yet, but the speed seems to give it a definite performance boost, at least for now. Which is nice, because it was getting pretty long in the tooth.

Ramakrishna · 4 years ago

Hi Rodney,
I just wanted to know, did you unlock your bootloader of your mobile before the update? I'm asking you for the reason, that I had unlocked my bootloader of my moible to install cyanogenmod. Once I came to know that Motorola has released the kitkat version for Electrify M, I restored to stock JB of Electrify M and ever since then I am getting "Update Failed" error. I have downloaded the update several times by now. And also if possible please confirm what was the previous build number of firmware on your mobile.
Thanks in advance.

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