Since T-Mobile is the first US retail that offers the Galaxy Note 2 device, the other carriers are trying to strike back and bring a more appealing alternative for the US customers who are being interested in buying the new Android powered phablet. The same can be applied to Verizon, which has just announced the Note 2 official release date, though the pre-orders are being available starting from today.

Therefore, the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 price tag has been revealed and I have to admit that it’s way better than the T-Mobile one. So, as you can check on Verizon’s official website, the new Note is available on pre-orders for only $299 with a two year commitment, which is considerably cheaper compared with T-Mobile’s $370 price offer. If you want to get the off-contract version, then the prices are the same: $649.

Of course, for this you will have to wait until November 27, as this is the official release date of the Note 2 through Verizon. This is not good for those who want the Verizon version of the phablet especially if we consider that the same is being available on T-Mobile since yesterday and also since AT&T is planning a “sooner” event.

Anyway, the 5.5 inch Note 2 that comes with some real interesting specs and performances (a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 16GB of storage memory, 2 GB of RAM, 8 MP camera and Android 4.1 on board) worth the wait, not to mention that in this way you can save some money too. Therefore, if you want to pre-order the phablet all you have to do is to go here and register to Verizon. Furthermore, you just need to be patience and look forward to the November 27th date, as only then the Note 2 will be yours.

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