According to the latest rumors, Verizon will soon release a new high end smartphone manufactured by HTC and named J Butterfly. The device was leaked recently and apparently we are talking about the same speculated 5 inch with 1080p display handset, which was and is on everybody’s lips.

The HTC J Butterfly will first be released in Japan, but shortly after that it will arrive to Verizon, the retail being rumored to be the first to launch the phone in US. Anyway, if we are to consider only the certain facts, then we must present the J Butterfly specs and features list.

The smartphone will be coming with 1080p 5 inch Super LCD 3 display (440 pixels per inch) along with a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, an 8 MP camera on the back, a 2.1 MP camera on the front and with a 2020 mAh battery. The only mid-range detail is related to the battery, which is considerably poor. Nowadays, the 5 inch devices used us with 3000+ mAh batteries, but maybe the 2020 one will be enough.

Beside these, the HTC J Butterfly will feature the latest Android version, the Jelly Bean one, the Sense 4+ user interface being on top of all. Of course you will get the already usual Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE support and HTC’s Beats Audio. As you can see in the image from above, the phone is looking really good and impressive, the design being more than appealing.

Now, as already mentioned HTC will launch the J Butterfly in Japan, somewhere on December this year through the KDDI retail, the Verizon release being also rumored for the same month. Remember that these are just rumors, so don’t put too many hopes on this. Anyway, what we do know for sure are the impressive specs mentioned above and the fact that soon Verizon will offer the 1080p 5 inch HTC J Butterfly.

Unfortunately, the future price tag and availability on the market are still unknown, though Verizon will probably have the exclusive on this handset, the same as AT&T had for the HTC One X+. So, what do you think, is this device interesting enough for you, or you rather wait for other rumored smartphones to be announced? Feel free and share your opinions with us and with other users by using the comments area.

chest6r · 6 years ago

i have one x, and it's really awesome... but this thing here is something else...

jerrymcafee · 6 years ago

Supposedly LCD 3 displays use less power than Super AMOLED displays, but only tests will tell. I also can't imagine how a 5" screen of ANY display type can last throughout the day without a boost or two. The 3100 mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy Note II looks more appropriate for the new "phablet" phones.

Peter Hartman · 6 years ago

Get a charger too. There is no way this thing is making it through the day.

trob6969 · 6 years ago

You didn't mention that it has a microSD slot and is waterproof...I'm getting this phone.

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