Verizon has started to release the new Android 9 Pie for the second generation of Galaxy J7 V smartphones. Check your device's Software Update menu and see if the update is available in your region.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 V 2nd-gen models have been launched more than a year ago and only now they are being upgraded to the latest Android 9 Pie firmware. Both the prepaid Galaxy J7 V version are getting the same update. The new firmware upgrade comes with the One UI experience, a new interface that replaces the old TouchWiz UI present on all the older Samsung devices.

The Android 9 Pie official update is rolled out over-the-air for all the Galaxy J7 V smartphones by Verizon. The update will be available in stages at first, and if there are no reported bugs, then the remaining devices will get the firmware files update in the following weeks, too.

Android 9 Pie official update for Galaxy J7 V smartphones comes with Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, App Actions, Slices, Intuitive Navigation, One UI, Intuitive Camera interface, beauty enhancements for those looking to improve how they look on video, Wi-Fi Calling, and tons of extra small things that will greatly improve your Galaxy J7 V Android experience.

In order to verify if the Android 9 Pie official update is available in your region you simply need to go to Settings> Software Update> Download and Install menu. Check for new update files and confirm the download process for your Galaxy J7 V to complete the tutorial. If the new update is not ready for your device you simply need to wait, as Verizon will soon send the new firmware your way.

Gabriel medrano ยท 6 months ago

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