Viber is among the most popular VoIP applications for Android OS and it's used by millions of Android devices owners. However, it seems that the app has some kind of issue, according to Phone Arena. To be more exact, the application can be used by other people to access you handset with just a little work. You can see in the video below the article that it's actually not that difficult.

With some text messages received followed by another action, the person who you are talking to via Viber can have full access to you smartphone without breaking a sweat. This is really bad because anyone who wants to, can have access to your photos, information, contacts, files, basically pretty much all the content stored on your smartphone. It doesn't matter which handset you use because the security issue is within the application itself and as long you use it you are fully exposed.

However, there is no reason to panic and this should be an example that everyone should check the apps permissions before installing them on their devices. Also, you should change the permissions in the settings if you are allowed. Viber's flaw for example, involves the lock screen, which is a permission that has to be allowed in order for the application to load, and unfortunately it can't be modified.

Even though not many applications include this kind of flaw, it doesn't mean that it does't happen. The only individuals who can solve the problem is the app's developers, who are already on to it. The team that created Viber is already developing an update to fix the bug. According to them, the solution to the problem will be ready in about a week.

Until the application gets updated be careful who you're talking to using Viber.

Viber ยท 6 years ago


I am an official representative from Viber Media.

We care a lot about our users' security. We worked around the clock to fix this
security glitch and already a few days ago we released a fixed version for this
problem. It is available for download at:

We will make sure that such glitches do not reoccur.

For any other questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

the Viber Team.

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