I have noticed lately that more and more Android users are dealing with the S-Off term. Furthermore, it seems that most of you can’t manage to understand what it means and how to tell if your handsets are having S turned on, or off. Therefore, I have decided to describe a guide in which you can find all the aspects needed about this problem; in this way you will be able to go further in performing complex operations on your handset, such as gaining root access, install a custom recovery image, or flash a custom ROM firmware.

First of all you must know that this concept is applied especially on HTC’s Android featured smartphones, being like a carrier restriction over your phone’s internal system. This restriction is keeping you away from changing the main settings, or from customizing, optimizing and improving the operating system that runs on your device. That’s why if you have a phone which has S turned On you will not be able to root it, or to do other stuffs with its system. The main problem is that most of the smartphones are being delivered with S-On, so you will have to change this aspect afterwards.

And that leads to one thing only: as soon as you are turning S-Off the warranty will be void. The only way in which you can restore it will be by downgrading or by applying an official OS update on your device. By making one of the up mentioned operations, the default settings will be restored, so the warranty will be regained. So, for avoiding unpleasant situations from happening, you should first backup the data from your handset as well as the current ROM. This task can be completed by using backup and restore apps, or by using the benefits of a custom recovery image.

To make it clear, if the S are turned On, the NAND portion of the device is being locked and it can’t be written to. As a factory restriction, when you buy a handset it has S-On so you can’t have full access to its system. It’s up to you to change this in order to take full advantage of you smartphone. As already mentioned, you will not be able to root or flash a custom ROM unless your turn S-Off. This operation can be done in several ways, the most common one being by using the Revolutionary tool. But we will bring a step by step guide related to this problem in the coming days; learning how to turn S-Off is not our purpose now.

Another problem that you might have is referring to the method in which you can find whether or not your device is having S-Off or On. Actually, finding it out is quite easy. All you have to do is to boot into HBOOT and read the messages that are on the display. You should get something like in the image:

[caption id="attachment_5846" align="aligncenter" width="307" caption="how to see if the HTC has or not S-Off"]how to see if the HTC has or not S-Off[/caption]

For booting in HBOOT you must press the power key, and then choose “restart”. After that (as soon as the smartphone restarts) quickly hold down the Volume down key until a white screen will be displayed. This is the HBOOT menu, read what is there and see if your phone has S turned off or on.

Now that you know what is with this S term and how to tell if it is turned On or Off, you can go and learn how to change this things. But, don’t do things by yourselves, just follow a suitable tutorial, or else you can brick your beloved Android powered smartphone. Stay close as we will come with such a guide in the coming days.

rashid · 2 years ago

Hello guys my htc one m8 is s-on and iits stucked in bootloader. Will you pls give me solution to get soff and install oficial rom

vijayan · 2 years ago

I have s-on imported htc desire 826 rooted device with india based rom with taiwani origin...how do s-off it & how do flash a latest fastboot rom

glitchy mob · 4 years ago

Oookay.... I have s-on and I am rooted and have cyanogenmod installed... I don't even know what s-on/off does... I have a sprint HTC one m8

David Spiro · 2 years ago

You do not need S-Off to root.. Completely false

Diego Martinez · 4 years ago

"That’s why if you have a phone which has S turned On you will not be able to root it, or to do other stuffs with its system." This statement is entirely false, as ROOT is not dependent on the S state, instead relying on installing the correct code. S-Off denotes that the protected elements of the system are writable, for example, writing the Radio or H-Boot files. For changing data in the H-Boot, such as changing the Tampered or Unlocked flag, you need to use a separate tool called Revone. Please, get your facts straight, since bad information is how phones get bricked.

Barry Perry · 4 years ago

I have htc one m7 it is rooted i'm using a viper one rom but it says that the s-on how can i turn it off but don't understand how it's on

Cyril · 4 years ago

You will not be able to root or flash a custom ROM unless your turn S-Off.

Are you very sure about this statement? I own an HTC One V and im rooted for around 2.5 years now. it still says s-off.

Dave Ftfc Wright · 4 years ago

hello ive recently moved away from rooting samsung devices and onto the htc one m8 but dont have the slightest idea as of how to disable s on into s off please could someone point me in the right direction many thanks in advance

somestars · 4 years ago

I have international version of M8 (Australia) Is there an easy to follow YouTube video tutorial that you can recommend to go to S-OFF?

Angelo · 4 years ago

Yes, how about just going on YouTube and doing a search. What's the point of asking this question here?

Milad Khkh · 6 years ago

in the forth line i wrote it wrong and it is the correct :
"it " must be 1.13.0000 version but now isnt! and its 5.11.800 !

Milad Khkh · 6 years ago

But please tell me how to turn the S from Off To On again !

cos my phone is now S-off but its HBOOT Version is not the Version that in the Revolutionary Site i Choosed.

you i must be 1.13.0000 version but now isnt! and its 5.11.800 !

Now i decided to turn it to S-On but the problem is : I CAN NOT !

can you just help me about it?

my phone is Incredible S.

Thank you.

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