Over the last few years, the smartphone market has continued to become increasingly competitive. While Apple and Samsung have dominated the market for much of the digital era, the surge in popularity of Huawei devices, which run Android software, has split the two tech giants for the very first time as the Chinese firm overtook Apple to become the second-biggest smartphone company.

However, in looking to further assert their dominance on the market, Samsung recently released its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10, in August of this year. With such a wide array of choice now available when it comes to purchasing a smartphone, we’re going to take a look at why Android devices, such as the Galaxy Note 10 and Huawei P30 Pro, are enjoying a period of dominance within the mobile industry.

Catering to user demands

"Samsung Galaxy S10"

In recent times, Android devices have been able to establish themselves at the very top of the smartphone industry. While this hasn’t happened overnight, the companies that look to implement such software have been quick to cater to the demands of the general public. When choosing a modern-day smartphone, battery capacity is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects to take into consideration.

In Samsung’s latest release, the Galaxy Note 10, users can enjoy long-lasting usage as a result of its 4300 mAh battery, while another Android option, the Huawei P30 Pro, is fitted with a 4200 mAh battery. By comparison, non-Android smartphones such as the iPhone X come with only a 2700 mAh capacity.

Keeping up with modern trends

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Aside from being able to meet consumer demands, the specifications of many of the latest Android-operating smartphones allow its users to keep up with many of the modern trends in technology, in particular, mobile gaming. The 12GB and 8GB of RAM in the Note 10 and P30 Pro respectively allow for both devices to offer a fast, efficient gaming experience across many popular titles such as Fortnite and Real Racing 3. Moreover, with numerous devices allowing for additional expandable memory to be added when desired, users aren’t limited to a small selection of games as the introduction of a micro SD card can significantly improve storage capacity.

Furthermore, with the very latest processors, combined with significant amounts of RAM, prospective gamers can enjoy a range of mobile games outside of the open-world genre. For example, as the online casino market is quickly establishing itself within the mobile entertainment market, and due to the specifications of modern-day devices, smartphone users can now easily immerse themselves in a fast, lifelike casino experience from their mobile device. With platforms such as Winning Room offering innovative games such as Dwarf Mine, Pirate Gold, Starburst and many more, Android devices allow for such games to run smoothly and without any unexpected interruptions.

Could Android continue to dominate over iOS?

Ultimately, there are many reasons why smartphones using the operating system are finding success in the current market. From long-lasting batteries to smooth gaming experiences, it’s undeniable that, with this rate of progression, Android could continue to dominate the market for many years to come.

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