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Eric Schmidt Promises “Phenomenal” Motorola Phones, Is the Xphone One of Them?

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard a lot of speculations saying that there’s a rupture between Google and Samsung, because South Korean phone maker is dominating the Android segment. Apparently, Samsung wants this platform only for itself, without sharing it with its rivals, but all these speculations have been ruled out by Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and currently Google Chairman, who spoke with the folks at AllThingsD.

The interview was given at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, where Schmidt said that the relationship with Samsung is very important for Google. As about the rumors saying that Google has something against the success of the Samsung company, which has became a colossus, Eric Schmid denied the speculations saying there’s a friendship relationship between the two.

If you want to hear the reason why the it was speculated that there’s some tension between Google and Samsung, learn that the rumors have been ignited by Google’s absence at Mobile World Congress event, after a couple of years when the Mountain View-based company accustomed us to big booths during the show, with loads of gadgets and products specific to the search engine giant.

The Google official also said that Motorola is readying a series of “phenomenal” smartphones, with state of the art technology and really impressive features. Is the highly anticipated X Phone one of them? Schmidt also said that the smartphone manufacturers are capitalists and all of them can obtain profits.

Summing up, we can say there’s a place on the smartphone market for every company, but Samsung has a clear advantage, launching at least a dozen of Android smartphones each year, while its rivals have half their models or maybe just a single model.