Xiaomi is the largest smartphone manufacturer, at least it the company's home country, China. It managed to surprise everyone last year when it surpassed its biggest rival Huawei in terms of devices sold in China. Xiaomi has already launched a couple of interesting handsets this year, yet it appears that the Chinese have no intention to stop. Back in February during the Mobile Wold Congress which took place in Barcelona, the company announced its newest flagship phone called Meizu Mi 5. The smartphone has been a great success so far as the manufacturer managed to an impressive number of units via flash sales in China as well as in India. Apart from the Mi 5, Xiaomi has also announced the Redmi 3 Pro in March, and from the looks of it the company is getting ready to release yet another device in the following months.

There has been a lot of activity on the company's social media accounts lately, which made us believe that Xiaomi has not finished releasing mobile devices on the market, and another one is in the works, a device which is set to see the light of day in the near future. Anyway, while we were wondering if this was actually true, it looks like the company did not wait too long to confirm the news. The officials just announced earlier today that a new phablet is in the works and that it will be revealed soon. Anyway, not only that Xiaomi made the announcement, but it has also launched a pool asking the customers what their next product should me called. While we're not so sure that they will actually take the people's opinion into consideration, the poll is a good marketing strategy because it makes the customers believe that they are part of the company's plans. In case you want to place your vote you can do it by clicking on this LINK.

Anyway, returning to the device itself, some people might wonder why the manufacturer is getting ready to release a new phablet when the expected Mi Note 2 has not even been unveiled? We're not sure about the answer, but over the last couple of years the company did more than alright on the mobile market, so this plan may be good for them after all. Considering the designation you have to choose from, namely Pro, Max, Big, and Plus, we can safely assume that this new phablet produced by Xiaomi will have a display that will measure at least 6 inches in size. This would actually mean that the handset will be the largest ever made by the Chinese company as its other phablets, namely the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, have 5.7-inch screens.

While we still don't know how Xiaomi's new smartphone is going to be called, there is not much information in the technical specifications area either. However, there have been a couple of rumors that have been surfacing the internet lately. We've recently seen a report that was claiming that the phone will come sporting a 6.4-inch display, and that is going to be underpinned by a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 820 chip. While we're not saying that the rumor is surely false, the company has still to announce the Mi Note 2 in 2016, which is a high-end phablet. With this in mind, we have to take into consideration the fact that this unknown phone might fit id the mid-tier category. This takes up back to another rumor we've stumbled upon not long ago, which was claiming that the company has the intention of releasing the Redmi Max phablet, which will reportedly sport a 6.4-inch screen but it will be a mid-ranger, which means that it won't be boasting the Snapdragon 820, instead it will be powered by the Helio X25 deca-core processor.

All in all, there are just rumors and as always we're advising you to take them with a dose of skepticism. It's pretty clear that Xiaomi will launch another phablet sooner rather than later, but what specs will it be sporting, it remains to be seen.

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