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  • Mostafa Gazar


    I am sending this mail to request your judge for an Android application we just published. It called Outee

    Here is the application description:
    Find nearby places and share them with friends.

    Outee also lets you:
    * Search for nearby places by keywords or their categories.
    * Share places around you with friends over (Twitter, Facebook, SMS, etc…).
    * No ads totally free.
    * Multi-language support.

    Mostafa Gazar

  • seriously

    who wrote the page about the Samsung gt-9100g ICS upgrade? do you have any experience with that model at all??? calling it an ‘improvement’, are you serious? That phone is a piece of garbage, i own one now for 3 months and its full of issues and problems……

    oh yeah, what custom roms? have you looked at xda developers? no one who knows anything about the galaxy s2 cares or whats anything to do with the ‘g’ version…..because its a piece of garbage…..inferior hardware, and almost no support…..

    are you on samsungs payroll?

  • MK

    I tired updating the new software via hp but it indicates no new software for updating.
    Pls advise.

    Thank you.

  • nick

    sal boss. sunt tot din pitesti. am si eu o problema cu s2ul . nu imi merge de nici o culoare ics-ul pe el. si anume; nu pot bloca ecranul (maze pin etc) si imi da not registered cand vreau sa fac un apel. lasa-mi un nr ceva si te sun eu sau da-mi un replay pe mail

  • JIkku

    Hai my name is jikku am using xperia S now i upgraded to Android ICS , But in this firm ware some apps are not working so i wish to go back the older version Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). how can do it my self .. please advise me..

  • Beddhist

    Hi guys, I like your informative and clean web site. However, having asked a question I now find that you publish all email addresses next to them. Could you please fudge the addresses to foil spammers!


  • Blackpearl

    You people giving news for jelly bean is android 5.0 guys please wake up its 4.1 not 5.0 don’t dream and providing wrong information to your user as it will decrease your sites reputation

    • Alex Dumitru

      Those Android 5.0 have been rumors written before the operating system got updated. Nobody knew what version will it be before it got released.

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  • Kushal

    Hello Everyone, Is it a good Idea to root the android phone? I have samsung galaxy grand , So should I root it since I want to install Android Kitkat 4.4 . Also Is it save to root the android phone? What are the drawbacks of rooting an android phone? Will Kitkat run on 1 Gb RAM Please answer my queries I will be highly thankful to you

  • mohanmenonrahul
  • Nina Menguito

    Good luck to us!

  • zaya

    Hair hvtsvv bn