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Samsung Update - Smartphone or Tablet


Android Geeks offer you the best and easiest ways to update your Samsung smartphone with the latest ROMs. We offer you both official and custom ROMs and we really recommend you to always update your device. There are a lot of advantages like bug fixes, security fixes and more features.

We always test the ROMs by updating our smartphones with them, so they are safe to flash, though not all of them are stable, but we state clearly if a specific ROM is beta or not in the final stage.

The reason you might want to use a custom ROM is that Samsung updates usually come late and you have to wait very much for them. Fortunately we are the first to get our hands on all the new firmware, including leaks from Samsung.

Please choose your Samsung smartphone from the list too see a list of available ROMs to update it. If you also need to root it, we have a lot of guides of doing it safely, so don’t worry.